Monday, August 29, 2011

CASE Study Challenge #54: Signature Style

CASE Study Challenge #54

Show us what your style is... we can't wait to check out your beauties :)

hmmm... not sure I have a signature style...
So I created with a few I just looove doing.

Digi-Stamps, Coloring, *junk* and Steampunk!

Pattern Paper: Tim Holtz
Digi-Stamp: Simply Betty (Steampunk Romance Collection)
Rubber Stamps: Stampin' Up! and The Rubber Cafe
Inks: Stampin' Up!
Key, Lock and Screw Head Brads: Keepsake Crafts
Brass Bits: all degolded jewelry bits from a local metal salvage store.
Gears: Painted VCR and Tape Runner bits
Lace: Auction find.
3D Crystal Lacquer: Sakura

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