Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wayyyyyyyy late...

Teacher's Gifts... uh, yeah...
That was a awhile ago...
Things have been more than busy around here, we've had some 'things' to deal with. (Won't go into icky details but it involved the Children's father and some death threats... lots of court/legal issues we're dealing with.) I am hoping though to be back 'at work' in time for the Christmas Crafts shows *knock on wood* and am working away at getting some of my office/crafting space back... the 'Oom (as we call it: visualize the Nothing from The Never Ending Story... only MESS) has moved in and taken over my space. Forward progress... we're all about the forward progress. :O)
So... as I was saying Teacher's Gifts. Since the 'picture card' was so popular for Mother's Day I did a repeat for the Teachers this year.

The daycare, William's Aid and the principal all got Lucky Bamboo:

The Office Ladies Lollipop-Bouquets:

...and the Teachers all got some of the Signs I made for last Years Craft Sales:

They were a hit!