Monday, January 31, 2011

Kard Krazy Tag Tuesday Challenge: Valentines (Steampunk Style!)

Tag Tuesday Challenge -- Valentines

My Christmas crafting mess is still not fully cleared way, but it's not too early to start on Valentines. So for this week's challenge we will be making Valentine Tags.
Please feel free to use any medium you'd like or create any style of Valentine.

I started with a standard Manila Shipping Tag...
inked and stamped it with Gel-a-Tins: Get in Gear set.
Then I added some Steamy-Art I got online:
Printed to fit and also inked.
I coated the heart in 2 thick layers of 3D Crystal Lacquer... I tried to get a picture that showed it so hence the MEGA close-up shot below. ;O)
Finishing off with 2 Screw Brads, some yarn and a scrap of Vintage lace.

Take a Word #14 - Vintage

Take a Word #14 - Vintage

The one word theme for this week is VINTAGE.

"If we could recapture 1950 value without losing
modern chice it would be a very wonderful thing."
12X12 Vintage Cutouts by Melissa Frances

Welcome to Wonderland in Alice ATC

Welcome Wonderland Friends, One & All!
Please consider this Challenge, as 'An Ode To All Things Regarding Alice In Wonderland!'

Our challenge in the month(s) of January through March is to...Create & share anything in regards to Wonderland!
Join the fun over at!
Thread is here:
~Rest of the info is posted under my Project.~
I got my Alice for January finished.
I made an ATC (#1 on the project list below)
I also managed to include:
Clock (background image, lower left)
Key (7 Gypsy's mini-metal)
Hearts (on the playing cards)
Sparkles (in 3D Crystal lacquer over the clock and in the top left corner)
Playing Cards (clip-art, lower left)
into my project.

- Complete *1* Wonderland-inspired project within the next 3 months!
Choose & complete *at least 1* of the listed projects (as seen below in the Wonderland-Inspired Project Categories!)
- *The Big Wonderland Twist!* - Incorporate either Clocks, Keys, Hearts, Scallops, Crowns, Sparkles or Playing Cards into your projects!
Note: If using the twist, please specify the details within your Gallery Project Page Description! Thanks!
~ Projects may be any size!
~ LOs can be single or double
~ Submit *at least 1* Wonderland-inspired projects!
~ Only new projects please
~ Projects may be used towards multiple challenges
~ Please feel free to check in as often as possible and tell us about your progress as you go along!
~ Post your completed projects to the board...Please allow Public Embedding for your LO's.
~All submissions must be posted to this thread *no later than midnight on March 31st!*

~ Every final completed project will be included in the final voting poll. The name of the winner, will be forwarded onto the next challenge!
~ This challenge is meant to inspire, motivate & challenge each individual, as well as all other participants!

Thanks For Playing, Good Luck & As Always, Have Fun!
Challenge Schedule:
* Jan - Mar
* Apr - June
* July - Sept
* Oct - Dec
************************* *************************
Jan - Alice
Feb - Queen Of Hearts
Mar - The March Hare
Apr - The White Rabbit
May - The Flower Garden
June - The Mad Hatter
July - Tweedles
Aug - The Walrus & The Carpenter
Sept - The Caterpillar
Oct - Cheshire Cat
Nov - The Duchess & The Cook
Dec - The Door Mouse
************************* *************************
Wonderland Creativity Project List

1. Artist Trading Card (ATC)
2. Banner
3. Book
4. Calendar
5. Card
6. Cigar Box
7. Clock
8. Frame
9. Inchie
10. Jar
11. Jewelry
12. Layout (LO)
13. Magnets
14. Mini Album
15. Ornaments
16. Paper Doll
17. Recipe Cards
18. Sign
19. Shadow Box
20. Shaker Box
21. Tag
22. Tin
23. Tray
24. Tree
25. Wreath

Haunted Design House Macabre Monday HDH074 - Angels and Demons

Macabre Monday HDH074 - Angels and Demons

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based project using angelic products or images and creeping them out as only HDHers can!
We can't wait to see what you come up with this week.
I dug into the clip-art for this one...
I don't remember which site these 2 winged wonders came from originally.
I've used them once before in a HDH Challenge, but they work so well for this one too!
Title is (freebie) Word Art from:
Main image is Glimmer misted, eyes are blacked out with ink then drizzled with my infamous 3D Crystal Lacquer and Glimmer Mist 'Bloody Blend'.
I used Bloody Blend on the edges and to lightly coat the title too.

4x4 Friday: Love Tree

4x4 Friday: Love Tree

Not quite sure where I was going with this theme,

but there you go - Love Tree!

:) Enjoy.

Since love grows within you,
so beauty grows. For love is
the beauty of the soul.
~St. Augustine~

Take a Word #13 - Botanical

Take a Word #13 - Botanical

This week's theme is BOTANICAL. Include anything resembling plant life in your design and have fun with it

I'm late!
But it's done:
Plants cry their gratitude for the sun in green joy.
~Astrid Alauda~

February ARTastic Design Team Page: 'Venus at her Toilet' by Pieter Paul Rubens

February Inspiration will come from the painting

'Venus at her Toilet' by Pieter Paul Rubens
Diva Demand for an extra 6 bonus points try and
work the following into your layout.
1. Layout must be about YOU! = 1pt
2. Add wings somewhere on your layout = 2pts
3. Use a mirror image or use the same
picture of YOU multiple times = 3pts

I used 3 copies of my Christmas 'Dickinson Style' Portrait...
2 in Sepia and the center one in Color.
Background paper is Graphic 45: Steampunk Debutante.
Most of the paper embellies are K&Company or freebie clip-art.
Clip-Art is sprayed with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, as re the paper doily and the 7 Gypsy's tag used for the journaling.
Brass Bookmarks and Brass Butterfly were salvage rescues.
Lace is from my Auction Stash.
Mini-Keys are 7 Gypsys.

Cameo Sticker is Jolee's Boutique

Lace, Velvets, Silks,
Old Jewelry, Cameos and
Keys, Clockparts and
other Rusty Bits... these
all hold a fascination
for me... I guess...

I'm Just
Old Fashioned

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quicky Postcard for Student...

My husband plays (read: lives) on Evony when he's home...
Another players son's class is collecting Postcards from all over the world and he posted a request online for help.

I threw this one together tonight.
I resisted the urge to add a Steampunk Airship or the Air Kraken just behind the Parliament Building, though... next time... I think I will!
BTW if anyone would like the snail mail to help out with a Postcard of their own feel free to email me:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Take a Word #12 - Butterflies

Take a Word #12 - Butterflies

Real, altered, morphed ... show us your butterflies!
Background from Ceremony Share:
Stamps: SU! and unknown
Ink: SU!
Butterflies: McGill Punch

The butterfly counts not months but moments,

and has time enough.

~Rabindranath Tagore~

Soartful Challenges: Edwardian Era

The Edwardian era corresponds with the reign of King Edward VII, whose short-lived governance (1901-1910) preceded the modern House of Windsor in England. The "Edwardian" style broadly encompasses the years of 1901 through 1919. One author described the Edwardian era in the following vein: "The end of the century brought the dawning of a new age and a new attitude toward life. It was an era when social differences dissipated and the mores, customs, and expectations of the citizenry came together." The Edwardian era was a historical moment of tremendous technological and social change. The wonders of the modern world, which had only sprang into being in the 1880s and 1890's, brought the first rewards of modern industrialization and mass-produced abundance. Americans during the Edwardian age experienced new-found wealth and indulged in cuisine, fashion, entertainment and travel as never before. Perhaps the Edwardian era was best captured in the Titanic, the grand ocean liner which embodied the human progress, opulence, and excesses of the time. The Edwardian era is aptly remembered as the "Gilded Age." excerpt from Eras of Elegance
Edwardian Era.
I decided to follow along the Titanic line for my Postcard.
I found some vintage Ephemera Clip-art online
and the young lady is from my laptop stash.

Pattern Paper: DCWV

4x4 Friday: Winged Men

4x4 Friday: Winged Men

Give the men some wings this week - enjoy! :)


Pattern Paper: DCWV

Inks: SU!

Images: var. Flickr Collage Groups

Do not forget to entertain strangers,

for by so doing some people have

entertained angels without knowing it.

Hebrews 13:2

Try it On Tuesday: Robbie Burns... poetry.

Robbie Burns

Onto this weeks theme and its a poem challenge. With Burns night on the horizon it seemed appropriate to have a poetry theme. So we would like to see an Inspired by piece and as its week 3 you can choose what format it takes so card, scrapbook page, tag, atc, altered art - whatever takes your fancy or fires your imagination.

I figured it mad the most sense to seek my inspiration with the Bard Burns himself...
so I have selected one of his many, many works.

A Grace Before Dinner
~Robert Burns~

O thou who kindly dost provide
For every creature's want!
We bless Thee, God of Nature wide,
For all Thy goodness lent:
And if it please Thee, Heavenly Guide,
May never worse be sent;
But, whether granted, or denied,
Lord, bless us with content. Amen!

The Three Muses - Artist of Choice

The Three Muses - Artist of Choice

My Pick was Greg Hildebrandt.
I've been enchanted with his work ever since I started collecting cards when I was very, very young. I still have my whole Greg Hildebrandt set from the 80's. I also have a copy of The Phantom of the Opera illustrated in his sketches and paintwork... they're gorgeous.
He has illustrated 4 years running of The Lord of the Rings calender, many Pin-Up works, Childrens books, The Star Wars New Hope poster and many, many, many of Magic: The Gatherings RPG Game cards.
I gathered some snips of pictures that I remember most and a pencil sketch he made of himself together in this Artist Postcard.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Art on the Darkside Challenge #69 : Where wisps lead you...

Challenge #69 : Where wisps lead you ...

I wish you a lot of inspiration and happy crafting !
I was a wee stumped on this one but my brain kept coming back to candle flames...
so that's were I let my Muse lead me.
Black Cardstock, Candle is white paper cut out and pasted on the rest is only Artist Chalks layered & layered...
Black inked around the edged.

Lady in the Flame

Oh Alice! Chapter 46: Queen Alice

Chapter 46: Queen Alice

"Hush-a-by lady, in Alice's lap!
Till the feast's ready, we've time for a nap.
When the feast's over, we'll go to the ball -
Red Queen, and White Queen, and Alice, and all!"
~ "Queen Alice", Through The Looking-Glass

We here at Oh Alice, hereby cordially invite you to meet Iracebeth the Red Queen of Crims and Mirana the White Queen. Iracebeth and Mirana are sisters who couldn't be more different: while the White Queen is kind and gentle and is loved by everyone, the Red Queen's answer to everything is "Off with their heads!"
To honor our Royal Highnesses, we challenge you to choose which Royal Court you would want to have rule over you, the Red Queen's or the White Queen's???
So the challenge this week, if you should choose to accept it, is to create a card/project that is either mostly white or mostly red.
Much as I do love viewing the antics of Iracebeth's Court,
I myself seek the Peace in Mirana's Court...
so my Project this week is for The White Queen.
I used Krafting Kimmie's The Swan Princess Stamp and Sentiment.
Ink and Markers: Stampin Up! and stampcraft (silver)
Snowflake Glitter Stickers: Recollections
Glitter: unknown ($ store)
Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer to attach Glitter.
Pattern Paper: Unknown

Everybody wants
to be a princess!

Haunted Design House Macabre Monday HDH072 - Hell Hath No Fury

Macabre Monday HDH072 - Hell Hath No Fury

Ok, my little pretties... your challenge this week:
Hell Hath No Fury
You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based project showcasing bad-ass bitches on a rampage. Bitter much? This challenge is PERFECT for a little emotional purging :
I used Kraftin Kimmie's Drucilla for this card... she was poi-fect.
All sweetness and innocence, Voodoo Doll and pins in hand.

Pattern Paper: Die Cuts with a View:Once Upon a Time
Inks and Markers: Stampin' Up!
Flower: Green Tara
Skull Brad: Little Yellow Bicycle
Lace Ribbon: From my Auction Stash

You think He looks like you...
I hadn't noticed.

FS2S: January Challenge 9 to 5

From Screen to Scrap

January's inspiration will come from the movie Poster '9 to 5'......

(suggested by Jennifer Manis)

Added criteria for an extra 6 Bonus Points
1) use a red title = 1pt
2) use a clock = 2pts
3) use a picture from the 80's = 3pts
Well I didn't have an 80's picture but I dug out the oldest I had on hand.
Greg dressed in a Kilt for a Church Youth Group function.
Greg dressed in full Kilt and Bonnie Prince Charlie for our Wedding.

Though we've only been married 3 months...
I've known my husband a loooooong time.
Pattern Paper, Title and Journal blocks are all BoBunny: Cambridge.
Brown paper : Bazzill
Sprays and some of the mask: Tattered Angels
Rest of the Masks: Tim Holtz
Clock and Gear stamps: Stampin'Up!
Clock stamp on Journal Block: Unknown (Micheal's)
Ribbon, Rub-on Letters, Staples and Heart Bling-age: Unknown

My Hero is Made
It may have taken
another 14 years to get
you to wear a kilt again,
but it was worth the
wait... a Hero
is always worth
the wait.
My Hero:

I took a picture of the paper before it got covered...
Up close of the Top...
Up close of the Bottom...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scrapped: My 2011 Word... HOME.

I took me a bit to gather the bits'n'pieces I wanted for this page but it's finally DONE.

I'm entering it in 2 challenges over at

~Steampunk Challenge~ January: New Year's Resolutions/Goals

One Little Word for 2011

I had also Blogged about selecting my 2011 Word,
you can check that out HERE :

Photo of our front door...
Background paper, large lady and the rose/cogs (behind the word HOME): Graphics 45: Steampunk Debutante
Index card: 7 Gypsy's
Week List
(behind the word HOME): My Mind's Eye
Rub-Ons (utensils, dishes, teapots, keys, house plan, rose tree, weather vane): Royal & Langnickel
Compass Stamp and Mists: Tattered Angels
Ink: Stampin' Up!
HOME Chipboard: Marchant Paper Memories
Stickers (House cleaning, Lady with Angels): Heartwarming Vintage by Crafty Secrets
Letter Stickers: Thickers

Cogs: Real Clock Parts


A “HOME” is a place of residence or refuge.

When “HOME” refers to a building, it is usually a place

in which an individual or a family can rest and store personal property.

“HOME” is also used to refer to the geographical area

in which a person grew up or feels they belong.

As an alternative to the defining “HOME” as a physical locale,

HOME may be perceived to have no physical definition—instead,

HOME may relate instead to a mental or emotional state of refuge or comfort

My 2011



This year I will be focusing on our Family, our Habitat and our Habits.

I want to be and feel “HOME” by the end of 2011.

Brave Girls Club... Featured Artist of the Day.

If you have never heard of Brave Girls Club you really should pop over...
You will leave happy & inspired.

I also highly suggest you subscribe to the daily emails.
They are such a treat to wake up to, in your Inbox almost every morning.
Start the day off right. :O)

This is a crazy world that forces confusing lies upon us every day — lies about what is most important, who we are, who we can become, what we can accomplish, our value, our potential, our worth, what makes our lives meaningful, how & where we can find true happiness, and on and on. So we’ve decided to wage our own little war against those lies by sending our brave friends a daily truth. Think of it as a little bird delivering your truth — and imagine that this truth-teller is someone who loves you and understands you completely.

Our daily emails are a free gift that is sent most weekdays, Monday through Friday, with all our love and wishes for everything joyful and brave and true.

melody and kathy

I decided to 'brave-up' and send in one of my pieces for the Daily Truth: Featured Artist of the Day... and today, that's me! I'm so happy... and deeply honored.
Check it out

Friday, January 14, 2011 Darkness Challenge: Blood & Roses

I decided to take a stab at the January Darker Side Challenge over at
This month the theme is:
Blood & Roses
I decided to dig up some pictures that have been fermenting in my Laptop while waiting to get scrapped. 2008 Halloween...
Paper and Swirly Stamps are Fancy Pants.
Owl and Sprays: Tattered Angels
Flowers and Bling-age: Prima
Splattered Blood (hard to see around pictures and dribbled on roses) is my usual blend of Glimmer Mists and 3D Crystal Lacquer.

WHO are You?
Halloween 2008
Who is this
person? Why...
it's Greg.

Haunted Design House Macabre Monday HDH071 - Bizarre Birthday

Macabre Monday HDH071 - Bizarre Birthday

Bizarre Birthday
You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based birthday card with that HDH twist we all know & love :)
I can't wait to see all of the awesome entries this week!

I went a little 'devil-ish' with mine.
Clip-art, some doodling and a heap of glamed-up glitter!
Your so HOT!!!
Happy Birthday
... and welcome to your menopause years.

Take a Word #11 - Beauty

Take a Word #11 - Beauty

Beauty is the one adjective that can be attached to almost anything so the sky is the limit!

A little Da vinci and a lot of Glimmer Mist & Ink.

"Beauty is not in the face;
beauty is a light in the heart."
~Kahlil Gibran~

Thursday, January 13, 2011



What a rare treat it would be to see these magnificent creatures "in person". but I've come to understand as close as I'll ever get is an episode of "Jack Hanna's Wild Adventures" ! I can't wait to see all the creatures that will appear this week for our challenge!

...... Bev

I decided to create with one of Nature's smaller creatures...
My "Song" Bird Postcard.

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song."
~Chinese Proverb~

Oh Alice! CHAPTER 45: Remembering Holiday Dreams

Oh Alice! CHAPTER 45: Remembering Holiday Dreams

`Oh, I've had such a curious dream!' said Alice, and she told her sister, as well as she could remember them, all these strange Adventures of hers that you have just been reading about; and when she had finished, her sister kissed her, and said, `It WAS a curious dream, dear, certainly: but now run in to your tea; it's getting late.' So Alice got up and ran off, thinking while she ran, as well she might, what a wonderful dream it had been.

I hope you have some wonderful holiday dreams to remember! We are still locked in winter in the northern hemisphere, and that makes me think of an icy blue color scheme - after all, there is even a color called "Alice blue" since she is traditionally illustrated with a blue dress! It is also time to start scrapping those Christmas and New Year memories!

So the challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is to share something that helps you capture your holiday memories, like a layout, mini-album or picture holder of some kind, OR to use an icy blue color scheme!
I decided to scrapbook what for our (my) 4 sons was a Holiday Dream come True...
My husband, Greg, and I were married in September so we're a *new* family.
That made this the 1st Christmas for Greg's Father & Step-Mother with Grandchildren.
They spoiled them... with a much begged for and deeply desired Wii.
We knew ahead of time but the boys were very, very surprised.
~January 1st 2011~
Lunch with the Coopers
at Swiss Chalet.

We met for Lunch before
the Family headed back
over the border... the
Boys were Surprised by the Wii.

ScrapFIT #35: Scrap It With Your Scraps!

Scrap It With Your Scraps!

Workout #35 is all about using what you have!!!
So let’s use those scraps!

For this challenge you must use only scraps!!!
Pick a piece of card stock to start with and than grab those scraps.
Let’s even make some embellishments using our scraps!
You also need to dig through your left over alphabets to create a mixed alphabet title.

I can honestly say I've never had as much FUN constructing a page before. lol
For a change I'll start with the Journaling... might explain this page a bit:
Tradition at our house
is to NOT throw any of
the giftwrap away while
opening presents Christmas
Morning... That way there
is a HUGE pile to Surf in!
~Christmas 2010~

I was able to almost exclusively use scraps on this LO.
I shredded and scrunched and ripped up Christmas Pattern Paper
bits from other layouts and my December Daily Album.
I'm super glad I'm such a hoarder of bits'n'pieces!
Even the Smaller Tags (used to 'hold' the title) were scraps,
I had messed up the back on them but kept JIC.
The title is a mix of alphabets that came with 2 different 'kits' and 1 Thicker (!)
A few scattered bits of ribbon and some rescued Bows and it was complete.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Powerful Hour: Warm Winter Wishes

One Powerful Hour:
Thursday Challenge where the goal is to create your piece from start to finish in 1 hour.
Any form of art can be made:
paper, fabric, mixed media, altered art etc...
ATC's, 4x4's, Cards, Inchies, whatever floats your boat.
Add your art to your blog,
then post a direct link under the comments section to share with others.
Most importantly Have Fun!

My Pick this week at One Powerful Hour:
Warm Winter Wishes
Think sweaters, toasty fires, cocoa, warm blankets and fuzzy socks.
I'd like you to focus one some of the WARMER aspects of winter.

I redecorated a package of Tetley 'Warmth' Tea,
it's a gift for a friend that's been feeling down.
I recovered the container in some scrap paper from doing my Ali Edwards December Daily picturing flowing snow kills, wee trees and a cottage.
The stamp sets used are both Stampin' Up!: Snowflakes ('Warm Winter Wishes') and Espresso Yourself ('Your friendship warms my heart' & cups) I used these to stamp a 'strip' on another scrap that I also wrapped around the tin.
The tag is layered not with pattern paper but more scrap rubbed in several shades of ink... I wanted a 'fuzzy sweater' feel/look.
Tag attached with matching brown ribbon, all stamping is done in dark brown)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scrap That Poetry: Mistletoe/Winter Solstice

They were *perfect* for scrapping our Winter Solstice Night.
Pattern Paper is My Mind's Eye Holly Jolly: Ornamental
Lace is from my Auction Box collection.
Gem is unknown... a well placed afterthought. It was sitting on my desk so I added it on.
I wanted this to be embellishment 'lite', to not take away from the solemnity of the event.
All Journaling was highlighted by scrunching it up, flattening it out then working with yellow, then peach, then rust ink rubbing it lightly over the crinkled paper to make it look like soft fire.I didn't crinkle the title but it's shaded with the same ink, the same way.
Yellow ink was rubbed around the edges of the layout and in some of the white areas to warm it up.
The photos are also 'matted' with rust ink rubbed right on the background paper.

Winter Solstice December 21st 2010

We have a Huge feast with no electrical light, only candlelight...
As the sun set we blew out all the candles and a had a few moments to reflect each, alone, in the dark on the darkest night of the year. Then Greg lit one candle and read the poem. We passed the one candle around and each made a wish for the year ahead then used it to light the Yule Log, this being a cake for us. Then each taking another candle we relit the rest of the candles from the one light. Guests each took a candle home to light their own homes with the shared light.

Between Darkness and Light

by John Matthews

It is within the darkness and the silence

That the magic of Christmas starts;

Somewhere between the glimmer of lights

And the first breathless moment

When children come
Stumbling like new-born angels

Into morning light.

Within the darkness and the silence

We sit, watching wonder

Evolve into form; where we
Enter the ringing silence

In which the first bells of Christmas

Sound the music of the soul;

Where the morning joy begins

With a single carol
To a half-forgotten tune.

It is here, between the darkness

And the light,

That we wait, uncertain,
Seeking the moment

That challenges us to believe

In a freshly minted miracle

Born every Christmas Day.

From The Winter Solstice

Quest 1998

I've also decided to share this over at Sir Stampalot for the
January Challenge: A Winters Tale.
The stories and poems we shared that night by candlelight... that was what I thought of when I saw the topic.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dragon's Dream TIO #64 - Impress it On

Dragon's Dream TIO #64 - Impress it On

So, Happy New Year to you all, and I hope we will have a good year at TIO... let's get on with this first tag of the new year. I would like you to dream in impressions this time... so you could use friendly plastic, like my example, here, or you could use UTEE, or Angelina fibres, or wax... lots of things to impress with your stamp. So please impress it on somehow, using at least one real stamp.


I ended up using several stamps... some are not readily recognizable though.
I started with a 4" Chipboard circle, inked it heavily in oranges and yellows.
I then stamped many Gears in browns on it. (gel-a-tins Get in Gear set)
Then coated it in Top Boss and UTEE, heated and then did it again.
I then stamped a clock and several gears into the still warm & liquid UTEE. The stamp was coated in dark brown pigment ink. (Stampin Up! Sense of Time set)
I then heated it again, sprinkled some Copper and Vintage Verdigris powder on, heating one more time. While this was liquid I stamped it with the heart coated in Red pigment ink. (SU! Listen with the Heart set)
Finshed with the metal Love sign and copper brad-hanger.
I took several pictures but it's hard to see the layers.
They all 'float' above each other and the piece is quite thick & heavy.
Wall Hanger, not a Tag! lol

Take a Word #10 - Zetti

Take a Word #10 - Zetti

To those who are not familiar with the Zetti style may I say that it is rare for any two people to agree on a definition. Think whimsical, think maybe a stripey leg, wings or a pointed hat.
Just have fun with it!!!

I was working on a few other steampunk-ish projects last night before I went to bed.
When I woke up I made my Zetti out of scraps on the table.
To me the Zetti style is alot about making things fit that don't *quite* and the mish-mash of the made-up... collage, doodling... this'n'that.
Soooo... this is what I came up with:
Zetti Steampunk
Background was Black & White I sprayed it down with 5 colors of Glimmer Mist.
Images are all scraps off of Collage sheets I was working with.
Doodling... all me. :O)
Stamp Set is Stampin'Up!: Sense of Time.
"An unhuried sense of time
is itself a form of wealth"
~Bonnie Friedman~

Friday, January 7, 2011

4x4 Friday: Old Text

4x4 Friday: Old Text

This week's challenge is to use old text somewhere in your 4x4.
Time to drag out all those sheets you have packed away! :)

Clip-Art stash...
Page scan from an old book and dancers from a vintage Valentine.

The Three Muses Challenge - OLD FASHIONED

The Three Muses Challenge - OLD FASHIONED

The theme for this week's challenge is OLD FASHIONED. This should give a wide scope for having some fun with old images. Old fashioned doesn't have to mean vintage. Fashion crimes have been committed in every decade.

I made a 4X4 quoting the ever quotable Dr. Seuss:
"They say I'm old-fashioned,
and live in the past,
but sometimes I think progress progresses too fast!"
Clip-Art collection background and a picture of the man himself
on cereal-board and inked, inked, inked. :OD

Scrap Our Stash Design Team Project Topic: *NEW*

I have news...
I'm one of the newest Design Team Members over at Scrap Our Stash!
I'm so excited to have been invited to join this awesome and talented bunch of ladies.
As one of our 1st projects we were asked to make a project with the theme: NEW
New Year, New DT Members... New, New, New.
I scrapbooked about Our Newest Christmas Tradition:
The Christmas Pickle
Friends gifted us a Christmas Pickle Decoration and 2010 was it's maiden um, decorating? Hanging just sounds... oh so wrong. lol
Eagle-Eye Thomas was the one to find it this year.
I printed off an article about the non-legend of the Pickle.
Apparently all the stories are Myths & Legends but that just makes it all the sillier...
and oh, so perfect for our Family!
The pictures are matted with different pattern papers, use those leftovers!
'Tag' is a sticker placed on a paper scrap them trimmed.
Letter stickers were leftovers... the 'E' is an 'F' with some of a trimmed off 'L' added.

Try it on Tuesday: A New Beginning... (X3!)

So think along the lines of new year, new house, new job, new baby, new hubby - whoops maybe not the last one!
Not the last one eh? Sounds like a challenge to me! :OD
This project is a card (the other 2 are Postcards) celebrating my new husband.
"New Beginnings... Saturday September 25th 2010"
This is a picture of our Wedding Rings which are Elvish Love Rings,
the inscription (in Elvish) reads:
One ring to show our love
One ring to bind us
One ring to seal our love
And forever to entwine us

I also made this Postcard... just messing around...
I over sanded so it's short a corner (oops).
Lumiere, Blue & Purple Glimmer Mist in the background.

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.

~Ivy Baker Priest~

This Postcard too.

What the caterpillar calls the end the rest of the world calls a butterfly.

~Lao Tzu~