Thursday, July 28, 2011

Art Journaling...

Big Step forward, Small Step back...
In the Studio, started cleaning up and resettling then managed to slice a pretty healthy chunk of my left thumb.
Was washing out a restaurant size ketchup can (4 boys the ONLY size we buy... lol) that had been opened with a 'take the top off' can opener and as I reached into the sink to grab the brush (rushing) I caught the knuckle of my thumb on the side of the can. If I wasn't wearing a thumb ring (which stopped the decent) it would have been a lot worse.
No stitches because it's in a bad spot, only sliced one nerve spot (can't feel the bottom of my nail and the cuticle bed) heaps of glue, some pretty white bandages and a few days of 'keep it dry & clean'.
Pretty much means no crafting because I'm always messy! ;O)
I have been editing and sorting pictures:
Safe, clean and I can do it with 1 thumb, Woot!
Didn't realize how much I did with it, even though I'm right handed, til it became mind numbingly painful to use. My eldest is on call for opening all containers and anything that involves a 2 hand carry. He's... thrilled. *snort*

While sorting realized I didn't post the last batch of Art Journal Pages.
These are from the little 4 X 6 Random Journal I carry with me.

Greg & Sarah:
Hat & Cane:
Pink Paisley Zentangle:
Apple Tree (added journaling later):
Is anyone else (still) having problems commenting on Blogger?
lol... if you are I suppose commenting may not be possible!

I can comment on my OWN Blog but not others... I'm reading, I want to comment but I don't get the 'window' to write in. Really annoying not to be able to comment on the Blog I DT for and the friends I follow.
Occasionally it works for a comment or 2, but then it stops
It won't post the comment I've already spent the time writing out.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scrap Our Stash Design Team Layout: Red, White & Blue.

I'm a bit late getting my project in this month,
but that worked out for the best...

I was honestly fuddled on the color scheme. My 1st thought was nautical but really had nothing ~pop~ with that. I'm Canadian so our holiday is Red & White hold the Blue. ;O) Then I thought: Because we're still (yes still *le sigh*) renovating the upstairs the 4 boys and I have been pretty much confined to the main floor during the weekdays, resulting in lots of kitchen activities. One of the things I'm teaching them this summer is all about Canning, figured a layout was due! Since I held off doing my page I was able to get some 'fresh' canning (har,har) pictures for this layout.

The checkered paper is 2 6X6 pieces laid beside each other out of a Making Memories 6X6 pack I've had forever, all red white & blue, had no idea what to do with it...
Thank Goodness for Scrap Our Stash!
The 'Blue Ribbon' is cut out with a SLICE, from the same paper pack, then inked and layered. The Center is popped up with some leftover Stampin' Up! Rubber & Foam (from trimmed stamps), then coated in 3D Crystal lacquer to get that 'button' look.
The hanging ribbons were free hand cut.
Printed the Journaling off then punched the 'spiral notebook' border on the tops. Also folded each of them and rubbed 2 different browns on to make them look 'used and read'.
Lastly a bit of vintage Ric Rac from the sewing stash.
Result: Country Style Canning Goodness!

Friday, July 22, 2011

July Steampunk Challenge: Steampunk Americana

July Steampunk Challenge topic is:
Steampunk Americana

With Independence Day in July, we decided to combine Steampunk and vintage patriotic; Americana.
This can be interpreted in any way...
just remember to add a Steampunk twist to it!

Let your imagination loose!
I want to see those gears turning!


This was a toughie being that I'm Canadian but I got it figured out OK.

I used *My Favorite* picture of Greg from our Honeymoon Trip to the Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition in Toronto. Greg's in his Firefly~Weird Wild West get-up, we were outside, waiting for the fire-dance performance to start up, late afternoon (Great Light!).

Red Base is Bazzill textured cardstock, dry-brushed with Art Deco White paint.
The 'holey' blue paper is unknown, also dry-brushed with the White.
Stars are all cut out of Graphic 45: Steampunk Debutante paper with a SLICE, in several sizes, then inked with 2 shades of yellow.
White gears are
scraps of Glossy Photo paper punched with the SU! gears punch.
Black Gears are Little Yellow Bicycle Lacey Cardstock, embellished with brass colored Screw Head brads (unknown).
'My' in title is Thickers.
'Love' is Pressed Petals: Monday Metals self-adhesive word strip.
Clock is BoBunny: Timepiece Chipboard trimmed with gold elastic stretch Christmas wrap (waste not, want not).

Picture is on a scrap piece of Tattered Angels Red Glimmer Mist 'spray over' paper.

Red, White, Blue, Stars, Clocks and Gears!

My Love
...Greg at CNSE 2011...

July Darker Side Challenge: Freedom

July Darker Side Challenge topic is:
You can interpret this any which way you like from using patriotic themes to kids wanting more freedom, or even a jailbreak (lol!).
But remember to keep it dark!

Went the 'Braveheart' Freedom route with boyz in kilts.
Well, just 1 boy but ya' get my drift. ;O)

TPC Studio's Grandma's Attic: Timeless Memories pattern paper, rolled over with SU! Music Notes Stampin' Around wheel (in Chocolate Chip) and also liberally sprayed with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Slate.
The clock that was on the paper is coated in 3D Crystal Lacquer.
'Freedom to' title cut with the SLICE then sprayed with Red Glimmer Mist.
O.M.G is sanded down black Thickers inked in red and yellow.
'Be Yourself' tag was a $-ish store find ($1.25) trimmed with unknown ribbon.
Journal Block printed on glossy photo paper then inked in 3 shades of yellow and edged with brown.


Freedom to Be Yourself

Our Tiny Kilted Dancer!
The DJ put on Oh My God (O.M.G.) by Usher,
Thomas went out to the middle of the dance floor,
Then he just started dancing.

Did his own thing, moving to the groove...
Danced up a storm, all by himself,
Everyone had cleared the floor to watch him.

1 more Wedding Album Layout:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Art Journal sh-tuff....

Got the next page done in the FaceBook Traveling Art Journal Circle.
For Laura Harms Journal
Topic: Words of Strength and Encouragement
Size: 5 X 8
I Wish You Enough

3 layers of book pages, lots of rubbed ink,some paper I used as a spray-guard (heart) and Glimmer Mists. Rubber stamped butterflies, dragonfly and flowers colored with markers, then they and heart coated in 3D Crystal Lacquer. Pink glitter in between 2 layers on the heart. Doodles in sharpie and a couple of gem stickers.


“I wish you Enough”

by Bob Perks

I wish you enough sun…

To keep your attitude bright.

I wish you enough rain…

To appreciate the sun more.

I wish you enough happiness…

To keep your spirit alive.

I wish you enough pain…

So that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.

I wish you enough gain…

To satisfy your wanting.

I wish you enough loss…

To appreciate all that you possess.

I wish enough "Hello's"…

To get you through the final "Goodbye."

Then I realized I hadn't posted any more pages from my wee personal carry-around journal.
4 X 6"

Part of the Works...

Fairy Doodle
Candle, Candle
Heart Beat

Behind the Clouds


Tree House

Falling Star

Friday, July 15, 2011

Marmalade Dreams...,

The canning continues...
Next up was Marmalade.
We um... made a LOT.
12 1/2 L by the time all was said and done.
It's on the bitter side, just the way *most* of us in this house like it. ;O)
The perfect morning Wake-Up Call when served with strong Tea.
Dubbed: 4-Fruit Markdown Marmalade.
2 bags of markdown limes, lemons, grapefruit and oranges went in plus the addition of 4 grapefruits and 5 oranges that were already in the house. Took almost the entire day to zest, shred and cook.
A real Family Project.
Almost overtook our largest pot too! But we tamed that marmalade monster. Looking forward to using it basted on chicken (adding some ginger) and for baking.

Pretty Sunshine in Bottles:

This batch of Blueberries got made into syrup.
Planning to make jam later *hopefully* with some more local-ish berries but the sale at Sobey's was just too hard to resist.
This Blueberry-Lemon Syrup is for waffles, ice-cream and baking... yum!
Pictures do this No justice, they're just so durn pretty:
I'm trying to teach the boyz to do more baking/cooking this summer.
Skillz, gotta have dem skillz!
I so wish I'd gotten pictures (smack! baaad scrapbooker)... I had them cutting potatoes with our heavy old fry cutter earlier today. They're all too small to really uh, 'put their weight into it' as this ol'cutter needs.
It was a riot watching them try. So determined/stubborn!

All the hard work pays off though:
Looking forward to marmalade chicken and homemade chips tonight.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Can You do the Can-Can?

Greg's summer schedule has worked out to be all weekends off Whooo Hoo!!! So that's when the bulk of sh-tuff on the house can get done. Between the 'funner' summer activities like Picnics, BBQ's, Day-Trips and Festivals it's urm... not a rapid progression, so... still no Studio, but I (read: We)'ve been busy none the less!

After the loss of what little canning equipment I had in the final move to this house (chaos!) I gave-up on canning for awhile. Thanks to a find of some used Jars (FreeCycle) and the "You'll be inheriting it anyway so you might as well use it now since we're not" *loan* of my Mom's Canning Pot we've been in full all out canning mode. Summer Fruits and nummies stored away for the dull dreary winter months like Frederick from my favorite childhood book by Leo Li0nni.
Best thing is the Boyz are all old enough to help in some way or another!
Arthur has been chopping. The younger 3 stirring, though William tends to hog this job since he likes it best-est. Many little hands very happy to deliver the finished goods to their designated shelves in the coolest, darkest corner of the Basement. A job I'm more than happy to let them do since I KNOW there are spiders down there. *shudder*

First up was Nectarines in Extra Light (10%) Spiced Syrup. They were a bit of a PITA to trim because they were quite crisp. Worth it though, they do look so perty in the jars, like bright bits of sunshine. They will be a real treat come snow-time!
Next some simply aaaamazing strawberries from the pick-your-own farm we're lucky to live 'round the corner from. They're just bursting they're so juicy and sweet; red right up to the green almost no white to speak of. Simply Gorgeous and soooo fragrant they're intoxicating.
The first basket we made into a light syrup and canned in smaller jars, because it's so sweet you only need a wee taste. Did the syrup up in 2 batches. You can see the berries floating in these: We like it chunky! Since it made so much *wink* we've already sampled some on vanilla ice-cream and pancakes. Deeevine.
Made too much of the spiced syrup for the Nectarines (Oops!) so went a little crazy and raw packed some leftover Grapes. Bought a HUGE bag on markdown at the fruit store, 8+ mixed bunches for $2.99. After 3 solid days of noshing the rest would have gone to waste since everyone was sick of them. Just enough left to fill 2 jars, it's an experiment... hopefully a tasty one!
Waste Not-Want Not! :O)
Pictured here in front of the 2nd run of the Nectarines.
Second basket of Strawberries was made into Jam. Canned as much in the larger jars, family 0f 6 we don't buy small so no point in packing it small. These will be great when the never ending sandwich requirements of 'back-to-school' starts again. No floating berries here but it's still chunky!
There is still much to pack :
Almost 18 cups of Blueberries waiting to be made into Syrup and Jam... yum!
2 bags of markdown Mixed Citrus ($2/bag!) for Marmalade.
As more yummies come into season or superb markdowns appear we'll keep canning away. So, even if I'm not in the Studio making Art I'm still making pretties, in jars, with my Boyz.

Edible Art! What's not to love?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Traveling Art Journal: Home

Through Facebook I'm taking part in a Traveling Art Journal circle. I'm one of 3 Canadian artists, there are 2 overseas and the rest in the US, 20 in total participating.
Each book will have a 'theme' and some 'rules' when it arrived, in all shapes and sizes.
I can't wait to see these treasures as they arrive in my mailbox!

I went pretty sturdy and standard size: 8 1/2 X 11 Hardbound Artist Book. I figured it was better to go that way so it will better protect some of the 'lumpier' artwork I expect will be coming back. I fear for a bendy cover.
Plus it was the one on super sale at Wallack's when I got there! So good I bought myself a 2nd and one for each of the kids for the 'end of the year-keep busy' gifts. They also got art supplies to share, bus tickets for the eldest and watches so they could go out and come back on time. Hopefully.

My pages are displayed backwards here. Blogger is having picture loading issues (again) and better they are in backwards than not at all.
Besides... why be normal? ;OP

My Journal's Theme is:

Love Lives Here...
Printed photos on regular printer paper, yes I already had them arranged. Sharpie for all the black, Stampin' Spots from Stampin'Up rubbed on for the background and roof.
Heart is punched out of a Starbucks Cup Wrap, coated in 3D Crystal Lacquer then sprinkled in Mini-Beadz and Glitter. All surfaces sealed with light wood glaze. I had to use what I had on hand and raid Greg's workshop for some sealer and a brush.

OTTAWA is Home
Glimmer misted red, then covered with a partial page from a 1968 Brittanica Book of Maps. FreeCycle find, it's HUGE and there are soooo many maps I can't wait to use! Postcard is real. National Anthem is a sticker. Again, all sealed with the wood sealer.

My 2011 Word of the Year: Home
Started with a few pages torn from a paperback (was eaten partly by the puppy) then covered in Gold and Cooper paint wash. Thicker paint under the paper strips which are pushed into the partially dry paint (no glue!) Circle Words are stickers, House plan is a Rub on stuck on plastic and all, ATC card from 7 Gypsies, Key from Pixie Press and Butterfly is salvage from Cohen & Cohen (degolded jewelry). I stamped the Clock then doodled over it, coated in 3D Crystal Lacquer then doodled over that once dry. Everything is stuck on with the wood sealer since I have no glue. Doodling etc... in Sharpies.

The 'Rules'...
as required by, uhhh... The Rules! lol

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Have Markers... Will Doodle!

I can't get into the Studio... still.
The Yard always needs weeding and cleaning, the renos and repairs continue, the kids are All home so it's busy, busy... but still *I* need to be making sumtin'. Fingers are always 'itchy' to make something, having ADD has some to do with that too, I'm sure. ;O)
I picked up a Faux Moleskin Journal wee little 4 X 6" nice pocket/lap size. Good for in my purse, in the yard, at the beach, watching TV type doodling. I found the fancy-pants Pentel Markers we bought for peeps to sign the pictures mats at the wedding and... nature took it's course.
As always I made a Title Page so the from: ***-to-*** dates are recorded.

Then I just sat and doodled away...
Nothing specific at 1st...

Just playing around...

Then a bit more 'Me'...

And the World around me...
This last one is about The Dog's New Squeaky Toy.
Oriental Dragon with 16 squeakers in it...
He loves it, it's driving us nuts! lol