Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Traveling Art Journal: Home

Through Facebook I'm taking part in a Traveling Art Journal circle. I'm one of 3 Canadian artists, there are 2 overseas and the rest in the US, 20 in total participating.
Each book will have a 'theme' and some 'rules' when it arrived, in all shapes and sizes.
I can't wait to see these treasures as they arrive in my mailbox!

I went pretty sturdy and standard size: 8 1/2 X 11 Hardbound Artist Book. I figured it was better to go that way so it will better protect some of the 'lumpier' artwork I expect will be coming back. I fear for a bendy cover.
Plus it was the one on super sale at Wallack's when I got there! So good I bought myself a 2nd and one for each of the kids for the 'end of the year-keep busy' gifts. They also got art supplies to share, bus tickets for the eldest and watches so they could go out and come back on time. Hopefully.

My pages are displayed backwards here. Blogger is having picture loading issues (again) and better they are in backwards than not at all.
Besides... why be normal? ;OP

My Journal's Theme is:

Love Lives Here...
Printed photos on regular printer paper, yes I already had them arranged. Sharpie for all the black, Stampin' Spots from Stampin'Up rubbed on for the background and roof.
Heart is punched out of a Starbucks Cup Wrap, coated in 3D Crystal Lacquer then sprinkled in Mini-Beadz and Glitter. All surfaces sealed with light wood glaze. I had to use what I had on hand and raid Greg's workshop for some sealer and a brush.

OTTAWA is Home
Glimmer misted red, then covered with a partial page from a 1968 Brittanica Book of Maps. FreeCycle find, it's HUGE and there are soooo many maps I can't wait to use! Postcard is real. National Anthem is a sticker. Again, all sealed with the wood sealer.

My 2011 Word of the Year: Home
Started with a few pages torn from a paperback (was eaten partly by the puppy) then covered in Gold and Cooper paint wash. Thicker paint under the paper strips which are pushed into the partially dry paint (no glue!) Circle Words are stickers, House plan is a Rub on stuck on plastic and all, ATC card from 7 Gypsies, Key from Pixie Press and Butterfly is salvage from Cohen & Cohen (degolded jewelry). I stamped the Clock then doodled over it, coated in 3D Crystal Lacquer then doodled over that once dry. Everything is stuck on with the wood sealer since I have no glue. Doodling etc... in Sharpies.

The 'Rules'...
as required by, uhhh... The Rules! lol

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