Friday, July 15, 2011

Marmalade Dreams...,

The canning continues...
Next up was Marmalade.
We um... made a LOT.
12 1/2 L by the time all was said and done.
It's on the bitter side, just the way *most* of us in this house like it. ;O)
The perfect morning Wake-Up Call when served with strong Tea.
Dubbed: 4-Fruit Markdown Marmalade.
2 bags of markdown limes, lemons, grapefruit and oranges went in plus the addition of 4 grapefruits and 5 oranges that were already in the house. Took almost the entire day to zest, shred and cook.
A real Family Project.
Almost overtook our largest pot too! But we tamed that marmalade monster. Looking forward to using it basted on chicken (adding some ginger) and for baking.

Pretty Sunshine in Bottles:

This batch of Blueberries got made into syrup.
Planning to make jam later *hopefully* with some more local-ish berries but the sale at Sobey's was just too hard to resist.
This Blueberry-Lemon Syrup is for waffles, ice-cream and baking... yum!
Pictures do this No justice, they're just so durn pretty:
I'm trying to teach the boyz to do more baking/cooking this summer.
Skillz, gotta have dem skillz!
I so wish I'd gotten pictures (smack! baaad scrapbooker)... I had them cutting potatoes with our heavy old fry cutter earlier today. They're all too small to really uh, 'put their weight into it' as this ol'cutter needs.
It was a riot watching them try. So determined/stubborn!

All the hard work pays off though:
Looking forward to marmalade chicken and homemade chips tonight.

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