Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Work, Work, Work...

I've been a busy bee lately... so many things going on my plate for the upcoming Craft Sale's KeepSake's Crafts is participating in through November & December.
I thought I'd share a 'sneak-peek' at some of it.
These are raw & unfinished...

Some of the Unmounted Magnets I've made using re-purposed, rescued from the trash CD's & DVD's. I still need to sand down some raw spots and glue on the magnets:

A Closer View:

These are the Unmounted Pins... again need some sanding, cleaning up and to have the Pin-Backs attached:

Closer View of the Unmounted Pins:

Check out the Dates for the sales (if your near Ottawa) on my FaceBook Page:

Thursday, October 9, 2008

More NavCan Pages...

As promised some more pages I completed while up at NavCan.

This one I'm really proud of. I've been hoarding these pictures of Thomas with plans to do a really good page and finally gave in. It was the 'beautiful' in BLING that pushed me to do it... so precious!

This was just a fun layout once it was done, but let me tell you soooo hard to cut right! Trying to get the angles just 'so' *groan* It looks good but I wouldn't try it again, wasted a lot of paper. All the wording is one of the newer Daisy Bucket Designs Rub-On sheets (Rainbow) I LOVE it... I'm a big color person so this layout is just so very ME. Life's to short for Beige (or White!)... story of my life. lol

This is aaaaalll the goodies I got in my 'Swap Bag'. We each brought up a goodie bag or package of sh-tuff to put on the prize table... Sunday Morning we had some contests, competitions, bingo awards, etc... to determine the 'picking' order for goodies.
I chose this package because I LOVED the tissue paper, girlie yet not PINK. lol Can't see it well but it's covered in shoes, I like shoes. *G*
It was jam-packed with Creative Memories sh-tuff. I'm not sure if I'll us the album I'm not a huge fan of the their albums but I love the stickers. Yes, I'm still a sticker scrapbooker and proud of it! Papers, very 'boy' (fwef!) and some awesome templates. I like my goodie bag.

Still lots more to come... watch for it!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She's Baaaaackkkk...

I've been busy, busy on client work and had almost no time to dally with my own sh-tuff. This past weekend I snuck away to a retreat weekend in nearby Cornwall with a WONDERFUL bunch of ladies. Despite the lack of sleep, due to excitement and an early, early morning fire alarm, it was a highly productive weekend. 19 12X12 Layouts done and 14 6X6 swap pages done. I'll post these pages over the next few weeks because alas... I must start work on the items for the Craft Sales I'm participating in over Nov-Dec and I'll have no time for my own sh-tuff for a good long time.
This was the 6X6 calender swap. I made-up 12 September pages... will pass them in, then get a full year back. Yes, I know there are 14 in the pictures, made a few extra because the supplies were already cut. Maybe I'll get some great ideas when I get the swap back and finish them off!

This was the 1st page I completed when I got up there. Total time: 20 minutes. I had the journaling for all my pages pre-printed to match the pictures. I planned to get right at it and get some serious scrapping done!!! These pictures were taken the day before I left but I HAD to bring them with me. My Boyz doing boy things...

More to come soon!