Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She's Baaaaackkkk...

I've been busy, busy on client work and had almost no time to dally with my own sh-tuff. This past weekend I snuck away to a retreat weekend in nearby Cornwall with a WONDERFUL bunch of ladies. Despite the lack of sleep, due to excitement and an early, early morning fire alarm, it was a highly productive weekend. 19 12X12 Layouts done and 14 6X6 swap pages done. I'll post these pages over the next few weeks because alas... I must start work on the items for the Craft Sales I'm participating in over Nov-Dec and I'll have no time for my own sh-tuff for a good long time.
This was the 6X6 calender swap. I made-up 12 September pages... will pass them in, then get a full year back. Yes, I know there are 14 in the pictures, made a few extra because the supplies were already cut. Maybe I'll get some great ideas when I get the swap back and finish them off!

This was the 1st page I completed when I got up there. Total time: 20 minutes. I had the journaling for all my pages pre-printed to match the pictures. I planned to get right at it and get some serious scrapping done!!! These pictures were taken the day before I left but I HAD to bring them with me. My Boyz doing boy things...

More to come soon!
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