Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sharing... Sharing... Sharing...

I'm behind in any personal scrapbooking so nothing new to 'show & tell' with things heading back to school... but I figured I could share a few pictures from the 90th Birthday Book. I won't post all 22 pages but a few and some pictures of the book being enjoyed.
It was truly a pleasure to be there and watch people's faces and listen to all the stories that spun off of each photo... it was was indescribable. But THAT is why I scrapbook. This night was a very good reminder of that.

Page 1: First Page~Her Parents.

Page 4: Starting a Family During The War.

Page 6: The War is Over!!!

Page 8: Family Wedding/Sisters

Page 14: Good Times.

Page 18: The Boys.

Page 22: Last Page

The Birthday 'Girl' on her 90th.

Family Checking the Book out...

More Viewers...

Later in the evening...

Near the end of the night...

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