Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Project of 2010: Blood, Sweat & Gears!

Managing to slip oooooone more project in juuuust under the wire.

This one is not for a challenge or Design Team...
Just For Me (& Greg!)

Picture used with every gratitude possible to
Photographer: Michelle Budzinski.


Pattern Paper and Paper embellishments: Graphic 45
Times Nouveau and Steampunk Debutante Collections
Key: Pixie Press
Ribbon: unkown source
Cog Die-cut: Tim Holtz
Screw Head Brads: Keepsakes Craft (Multicrafts)
Newspaper, Character Sheets, Curse Saving Hex Signals and Title Strip:
Blood, Sweat & Gears

Gear and other Metal: R.I.Pieces of a Clock
Button: Steampunk Ottawa
Glimmer Mist sprays: Tattered Angels
MUCH paper scrunching, sanding, inking and spraying.
Wanted that worn, weathered beaten look...
and just a bit grungy.

Even added a few fingerprints, it was a mystery after all.

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

On Saturday October 16th 2010
the Heart & Crown on Preston
Street in Ottawa slipped back
in time to the year 1897...
becoming the home of Lady
Cholmonderly-Mainwaring in
Bromleys End.

A gather for the occasion of
King George Science College's
annual science exposition has
begun... but deceit was afoot!

Greg and I were playing the
roles of James and Agatha
Savage, husband and wife,
proprietors of Savage Scientific
Supply: Providers of Magnets,
Gears, Cogs, Tesla Coils, Wires,
Steamworks, Piping, Goggles
and other Scientific
Paraphernalia out of London.

A rather interesting and varied
cast of Characters made small
talk while each subtly trying to
figure out who has killed
Professor Sidney Fortescue.
Each person suspiciously

'Am I talking to a Murderer?'

Well we were!

It turned out to be:

Professor Cyrus McLeod

Near the Weather Machine

With the Earth Magnets

ARTastic January Design Team Submission

January's inspiration will come from the painting 'Luncheon of the Boating Party' by Renoir

mmmm... food! What a good topic. :O)
I decided to scrap the King of all Foodie-Celebrations: Thanksgiving.
We always have a veritable herd of family over, on top of the herd that already live under our roof. lol
Table laden down with a feast of:
ham, turkey, potatoes, turnip, carrots, olives,
apples, cranberry sauce, corn relish,
pineapples, salad and buns.
This is always my eldest son Arthur's favorite part:
The Food.
Though all da boyz kinda hang around, underfoot, as my Mom & I are getting the buffet meal laid out.

Good-Bye 2010 & Personal FavoriteTop 10 Projects.

Ahh... another Year draws to a close.
2010 was a very, very good year for us.
We celebrated a wedding, a new job, passing probation with that new job, MAJOR positive progress with both of our Special Needs kids, Grade 6 Graduation and *gulp* teenager-dom (or is that teenager-DOOM) beginning, rediscovery of Steampunk... quickly become an addiction with the whole family especially wee ones (all their LEGO is 'Steampunk this, Steampunk that...', placement on 3 design teams, creative challenges won, guest spots, court case resolved, negative people cleared from our lives, positive people entering, spiritual renewal, healing in many forms, the forging of a new family unit, positive school changes, community at it's best and good Karma bringing us into the close and onto the New Year.
We are looking forward to an even better 2011!

I'm going to jump the Bloggy Bandwagon here...
Posting MY favorite 10 project from 2010.
These are not necessarily ones I won Challenges with or even Design Team Layouts BUT they are ones I put a little bot of my heART & Soul into and are therefore just a wee bit *more* of me.
If I've linked this up right clicking on the images *should* take you to the corresponding Blog Entry for these project.
Not in any kind of preference order, the newest project is at the top, oldest at the bottom.

The Wedding Watch:
12X12 Scrapbook Page
Steampunk Demon Detector:
3D Mixed Media Prop

Stepping Through the Looking Glass and Falling Down the Rabbit Hole:
12X12 Scrapbook Page

Brass Explosion Steampunk Box:
Mixed Media Giftbox

Da Boyz!:
12x12 Scrapbook Page

Domestic Goddess:
3D Mixed Media Sculpture

Alice In Mixed Media Wonderland:
3D Framed Art

Warning to Time Travelers... the Butterfly Effect:
3D Mixed Media Wallhanging

Valentine's ABC's of You:
Handmade Scrap/Giftbook

Entertaining Angels
Art Journal Page

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday Taggers: Old Father Time...

- this theme is open to your own interpretation so please feel free to run with whatever your thoughts are for this one.

I actually made a TAG this time... for 2010 I think this is a 1st for me with this challenge! ;O)
I found this wonderful Clip-Art image...
Base of Burgundy cardstock, heavily inked in Burgundy and Navy.
Clock pattern paper and image inked as well.
I wanted a grungy look with some movement so I inked in circles.

Good-Bye 2010

Take a Word #8 : Celebrate!

Take a Word #8 - Celebrate!

One of my favorite quotes and a way of life around here. :O)
"There are exactly as many special occasions
in life as we choose to celebrate."

~Robert Brault~

Take a Word #9: Music

Take a Word #9 - Music

Artist Postcard.
Clip art and Stampin'Up! Wheel.

"There is always Music amongst the trees in the Garden,
but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.
~Minnie Aumonier~

4x4 Friday: Calm and Bright

4x4 Friday: Calm and Bright

Calm and Bright is this week's 4x4 Friday challenge. Enjoy the holidays, my friends!

Clip-Art Collage with a Winter Solstice Feel.
May your days grow brighter as the New Year approaches.

4X4 Friday: Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year 2011!

This week's 4x4 challenge is all about the new year to come! Post an arty card that celebrates 2011. Here's wishing you all the best!

I found this wonderful image here.
Mounted it on cereal board.
Lightly Glimmer misted in Caramel Apple, sanded and inked edges
Then on inked and sanded burgundy cardstock.
Printed and inked 'banner':
"As the music of 2010 fades... 2011 picks up the tune."

Three Muses: Books

Three Muses: Books

I made a Postcard using varied Clip-Art from my hoard.

Outside of a dog,
a book is man's best friend.
Inside a dog it's too dark to read.
~Groucho Marx~

Friday, December 24, 2010

A little Dickinson this year... MERRY CHRISTMAS!


It being Christmas Eve...
the Studio is no longer buzzing with activity.
Though the kitchen and livingroom are!
If only it were possible to harness the energy made by 4 boyz
all hyped up from waiting... & waiting... & waiting... for CHRISTMAS!!!
It could power us for the other 364 days.

For my Christmas Posting I decided to share our Annual Christmas Photos.
We always go early (November) and get LOTS done.
Many are for gifts so no sharing before now. ;O)
I expect you just *may* see a few of these Scrapbooked in the months ahead...
just maaaaaybe. ;O)

This year we went a wee Dickinson with our Pictures.
This being the 1st year we have all participated in Steampunk activities we were well set with appropriate garbs, hats and baubles.
Though leaving the goggles, inventions and weapons at home for this particular outing. Yes, some groaning & grumbling ensued from the wee ones.

These are all the shots we had taken... all in color.
I decided to play with a few and did some Sepia.


"And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless Us, Every One!"

Da Boyz
Da Boyz
Da Boyz
Da Boyz
Da Boyz... in Sepia
Da Boyz... Arthur!!!!!
Da Boyz


Sarah, Greg & The Wedding Watch
The Wedding Watch
Sarah and Greg
Sarah and Greg
Sarah & Greg
Sarah and Greg
Sarah and Greg

Greg and Sarah
Greg and Sarah... in Sepia
The Family
The Family
The Family
The Family
The Family... in Sepia