Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stay Calm & Merry On... (+ Good News!)

I've seen this phrase on an icon that's floating around...
"Stay Calm & Merry On"
My Mantra for this Month!
Though I have not updated recently I am far from unbusy.
I managed to clear away most of my Design Team work up til January 1st...
though it seems fate has other plans for me!
I recently jumped in to a few of the challenges at Scrap Our Stash and I won!
I won the Monthly challenge with the Halloween Layout I did of William the Explorer.
So I've been invited to be a Guest Designer for the month of January.
I also won the Pagerize #4 Challenge.
Which means one of MY Layouts becomes Challenge #5 and I get to choose the winner who becomes #6. What fun!
I choose the "da' boyz!" layout to be pagerized...
I figured it has a variety of embellishments and a few unique things.
The New Pagerize Challenge is up Go check it out!
I found out I was a Finalist for the Design Team!!!
I am delighted to have been selected to join this team of wonderfully talented Ladies.
I'm still sitting here like a deer in headlights over all the excitement.
Then add...
Look to see me over at Take a Word the week of February 7th.
If you want to create a sample yourself... let her know.
This is a fantastic challenge Blog, all art is welcome!
See what I mean by Stay Calm? All this excitement... I'm dizzy.
Then of course there is the usual December-Month Hoopla. :O)
I need to catch up on the photos for my December Daily... will post when I can.
Today was a Baking Day...
I made 2 4X batches of Biscotti for Teacher's Gifts.
4-Cinnamon and 4-Cranberry/Cinnamon.
I'm baked out!
Then packaged it all up, one kind each in a holiday theme Ziplock Baggies with an ingredients list enclosed, nestled in a white treat box and Tagged for the 2 schools.
This year we went and had our Family Christmas Pictures done while dressed in our Steampunk wear minus the guns and goggles. lol... ie. Dickens style Victorian. I used the Boyz individual shots on the Gift Tags. Printed, trimmed, green inked the edges then attached to red Cardstock that had been red ink edged... a little curling ribbon and Voila!
Another year's gifts DONE.

'Naked' Biscotti: not yet chocolate drizzled.
Cranberry Cinnamon on the Left, Cinnamon on the Right.
mmmm... chocolate drizzled Goodness!
Cinnamon up close...
Cranberry/Cinnamon up close...
All packaged up!
Close Up of Younger 3's Tag...
Close Up of Eldest's Tag...

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