Thursday, December 16, 2010

Creepy Christmas...

Time for a couple of Creepy Christmas Challenges...

Macabre Monday HDH069 - Colorblind Christmas

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based Winter Holiday cardWITHOUT using RED or GREEN...
Not even a teensie bit of it anywhere :)

I started with a Black Christmas Tree image (from a flyer ad)
Then 'decorated' it in Dark Blue, Purple and Orange Brad 'Balls'...
I used an extra-fine black Sharpie to doodle on them.
Then added a Skull Sticker on top.
Glitzed it up with Bright Yellow Glitter Garland
(3D Crystal Lacquer + Glitter) with an extra bit around ol'Skully too.
Final bit of Purple inking around the edges.
Merry Skull-mas!

Good morning all Darksiders.
The last challenge for this year will be :
The worst Christmas present ever.
I wish you all very happy crafting and of course
a great few weeks of holiday time !

This was *approved* by my 12 year old for suitable creep-factor... lol.
I do wish the picture was better but after 40+ shots... I give up!
I wanted to give you my heart for Christmas...
but I still need it,
so here is someone else's.
Merry Christmas my Love!

Quick spritz of red Glimmer Mist behind the box...
Box and Human Heart were both freebie Clip-Art.
Heart is coated and box is dripped in my signature
3D Crystal Lacquer and Glimmer Mist 'Blood Blend'.
Worst Present ever? I think so!

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