Saturday, December 4, 2010

2011 Word of the Year...

Last year I embraced the
'Word of the Year' Non-Resolution.
It all started back here in 2006:
Word of the Year

For 2010 I chose the word:

I dedicated, and continue to dedicate, my time to 'creating'.
This for ME meant:
-creating a safe place for us all
-creating a newly combined family (both nuclear and extended)
-(and subsequently)putting a wedding together
-stepping out of my comfort zone, learning and embracing new ART related things
-Making some ART every day (Artist 365)
& many other things...

~The wedding was a dream.
~We're all still settling in with the 'family' part. Family is made-up of organic relationships that will always be shifting and growing, but we re-potted and combined this year. Roots will grow and combine with time and tending.
~My ART-life took off. I won 8 different awards/competitions. I was asked to be on 2 design teams, a wonder in itself considering the norm is having to apply and compete for teams. I've also been a Guest DT on 6 different sites AND I'm already lined up as Guest DT on another for January 2011. 4 of my layouts were published. More importantly, I found amazing new relationships through my ART: muses, mentors and friends.
~We made some changes around here, physically, with the house... most definitely a 'work in progress' but progressing! Clutter clearing, room swapping etc... this was a continuation of the re-painting of everything top to bottom at the end of 2009.
~Biggest for all of us was creating a sense of safety. The charges against my EX
went to court, he was sentenced and we have some closure. I can't say I never jump at night when I hear an odd sound, but gone are the days of the police telling us to have someone standing in the backyard to watch the animals JIC, triple checking every lock and carrying around a Personal Safety Alarm 24/7. We have 3 years ahead of us before we must face the fear again.
I'm am very pleased with the results of My Non-Resolution Word for 2010.

...and it's that time again...
The Challenge Blogs are already humming with the question:
"What is your 2011 Word?"

I did exactly what I did last year to 'find' my word since it worked so successfully last year. Just before bed I:
*Re-read the above article...
*Sat on the edge of my bed and did Color Meditation:
Close my eyes and picture breathing in colors... going through the rainbow:
Purple, Blue, Indigo, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and finally Pure White. Picturing the vibrancy and purity of the colors as I breathe in... 2-3 breaths per color. While picturing breathing out Grey, Brown & Black air... clearing the 'dirty' stuff out. All while breathing in all those beautiful colors with each and every breath.
*I prayed once my mind was clear & clean...
*Then I slept on it.
I awoke with the word:
So... we will see where that takes me this year!

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