Sunday, December 19, 2010

4X4 Friday: Winter Solstice

4x4 Friday: Winter Solstice

Bright blessings this winter solstice, December 21st!
Enjoy the light.

I was so happy to see the topic this week...
We ourselves celebrate Alban Arthan in our own way.
Some information on the Celtic Winter Solstice here.
We will have a huge Turkey dinner Tuesday, early.
Then as the sun goes down we will start turning out all the lights.
Once it it completely dark we will bring out the Yule Log cake.
Everyone will take 1 candle, make a wish and put it in the cake and light it.
We will then use these candles to light other ones around the house, keeping the other lights out.
The kids loooove having their nightly bath by candlelight. :O)
We talk, tell stories and read poetry.
I love this night, it's our re-charge night. A chanced to just *be* with each other before the the next few rather hectic days leading up to our more traditional Christmas Celebration.
Happy Solstice!!!
May you find your own peace and renewal this season.

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