Monday, December 20, 2010

Lots To Do: Your Favorite Card

Hiya all and gosh where has this year gone ?????? Its been a brilliant year on the blog with lots of support each and every week.
We would like you over the next 2 weeks to show us your favourite card !!!!!Put it in your blog and leave us a link so that we can come visit - We'll be back on New Years Day with a new challenge.

I couldn't pick one... so I have 2!

1st one was for Haunted Design House's Macbre Monday:
Pink on the Brink Challenge.

I just love it... Creepy, yet Cool.

2nd was a Birthday Card for Greg's Grandmother, Cupper.
'Cupper' being the name everyone knows here by:
A 3 year old saying 'Cooper' in toddler lisp once... and it stuck.
6 of us, 6 monkeys, You do the math! lol

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