Friday, December 17, 2010

Wedding Coffee 'Thank-You'...

Ahhh... Starbucks.
Ours is like Cheers for us...
Everybody knows our names or at least our drinks!

On the morning of our Wedding we had an 8AM photo shoot so coffee was a MUST.
We stopped at *Our* Starbucks on the way out. Greg ran in fully 'kilted', minus the Bonnie Prince Charlie Jacket. The manager Jason asked what he was all dressed up for and he told him it was Our Wedding Day... Jason refused payment on the drinks.
A Wedding Gift from them, to us.

Starbucks was a great wedding memory for us all through the planning too.
One of the Baristas was getting married the day after us AND going all Celtic & Kilts too.
Quite a bit of Back & Forth chatter over plans, stresses and excitements...
all through the months preceding Our Weddings.

I put together this Thank-You Card/Folder to let them know we were grateful.
It's 6" high and folds out so it can sit displayed if that's their wish.
Greg's going to drop it by on his next coffee run.

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