Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Project of 2010: Blood, Sweat & Gears!

Managing to slip oooooone more project in juuuust under the wire.

This one is not for a challenge or Design Team...
Just For Me (& Greg!)

Picture used with every gratitude possible to
Photographer: Michelle Budzinski.


Pattern Paper and Paper embellishments: Graphic 45
Times Nouveau and Steampunk Debutante Collections
Key: Pixie Press
Ribbon: unkown source
Cog Die-cut: Tim Holtz
Screw Head Brads: Keepsakes Craft (Multicrafts)
Newspaper, Character Sheets, Curse Saving Hex Signals and Title Strip:
Blood, Sweat & Gears

Gear and other Metal: R.I.Pieces of a Clock
Button: Steampunk Ottawa
Glimmer Mist sprays: Tattered Angels
MUCH paper scrunching, sanding, inking and spraying.
Wanted that worn, weathered beaten look...
and just a bit grungy.

Even added a few fingerprints, it was a mystery after all.

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

On Saturday October 16th 2010
the Heart & Crown on Preston
Street in Ottawa slipped back
in time to the year 1897...
becoming the home of Lady
Cholmonderly-Mainwaring in
Bromleys End.

A gather for the occasion of
King George Science College's
annual science exposition has
begun... but deceit was afoot!

Greg and I were playing the
roles of James and Agatha
Savage, husband and wife,
proprietors of Savage Scientific
Supply: Providers of Magnets,
Gears, Cogs, Tesla Coils, Wires,
Steamworks, Piping, Goggles
and other Scientific
Paraphernalia out of London.

A rather interesting and varied
cast of Characters made small
talk while each subtly trying to
figure out who has killed
Professor Sidney Fortescue.
Each person suspiciously

'Am I talking to a Murderer?'

Well we were!

It turned out to be:

Professor Cyrus McLeod

Near the Weather Machine

With the Earth Magnets

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