Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heart the Art: 52 Words... Prompt #3: Clearly...

I discovered something new (to me) yesterday... a wonderful idea for Art Journal Prompts...
on this Blog:
52 ideas... a word or 2... once a week... just to get you thinking...
I have some catching up to do seeing as it's week 4 already.
There's LOTS of wonderful work up on the flickr group... so many artistic tasties!
I had the poo-oi-fect thing for this too!
A Jumbo deck of playing cards I picked up at the $ store one day... just 'cause.

54 cards... 52 prompts... 2 covers! (size 3 1/2" X 4 1/2 ")
Could it get any easier?!

This is my 1st 'page' it's actually the 3rd weeks prompt: Clearly...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Faith: An Art Journal ~Hebrews 13:2~

Faith: An Art Journal ~Hebrews 13:2~

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. ~Hebrews 13:2 (NIV)~"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Faith: An Art Journal. ~Art in Me~

This is a page I completed for one of my Art Journals.
Based on the Song 'Art In Me' By Jars of Clay.

It had been awhile
since I heard this song
and when I did again
I had to Art Journal
it, ASAP...
It reminds me to look
for the "ART" in
the Everyday...
Art of The Creator.

~Art In Me~
By Jars of Clay

Images on the sidewalk speak of dream's decent
Washed away by storms to graves of cynical lament
Dirty canvases to call my own
Protest limericks carved by the old pay phone

In your picture book I'm trying hard to see
Turning endless pages of this tragedy
Sculpting every move you compose a symphony
You plead to everyone, 'see the art in me'

Broken stained-glass windows, the fragments ramble on
Tales of broken souls, an eternity's been won
As critics scorn the thoughts and works of mortal man
My eyes are drawn to you in awe once again

In your picture book I'm trying hard to see
Turning endless pages of this tragedy
Sculpting every move you compose a symphony
You plead to everyone, 'see the art in me'"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bad Girls Project 52, Challenge #8... Filled Frame.

I got this done early because I knew almost exactly what I was going to do when I read the posting... it's going to be a gift for a very, very dear friend.
I hope she likes it. :O)

The parameters this round were:
~Filled Frame (clip art. images etc...)
~Bird (real, fantasy, etc...)

I had fun being a pyromaniac this project...
I started with a 2nd hand 9 X 7" frame that was already painted a rusty-bronze-metallic...
Then I charred the ever-loving-heck out of it.
I started working around the frame, lightly, with a lit candle to get some directional soot marks, then I let the paint bubble and peel in a few placed. Finally actually catching portions (more on the bottom) on fire and letting them burn away.
I sprayed it with hair spray so the soot wouldn't smear and let it dry.

Then I got to have fun smashing...
I bought a red glass Valentine's vase at the $ store which I then wrapped in a towel and smashed with a hammer to get some chunks of glass.
I then loaded a few of the 'redder' chunks into a little fake leather baggie (came with some make-up years ago) and smashed some more.

I took a free clip-art image of a phoenix and, in layers, starting at the outer edges I glittered it. LOTS!
Moving in bit, by bit... red, orange, dark gold and a softer gold. Eye in black glitter.
I charred some nature themed pattern paper I glued onto the 6 X 4" frame insert. Then burned another sheet (in a different design) and glued it on top to give it some texture and depth. I also glue gunned this into the frame, for stability.
I attached the phoenix into the frame with hot glue, just coming over the top of the opening so it looks like it's leaving the frame.

Then I crumpled up some brown paper bag and burned the tips. Made several of these, I wanted lots to clip from. I clipped the burned tips off and hot glued them to the bottom, inside of the frame in a few layers.
Then gluing chunks of the smashed red glass in among the burned papers to make 'embers'.

Finally holding the bottom of the project over the lit candle again to char the glass a bit.
Here is my final 'Filled Frame' project:
Phoenix, from the burning embers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bad Girls Project 52, Challenge #7... 'Fairy-Nice' Shadow Box.

I must say this has been my favorite challenge to date!
I was planning on making a project for a 'hole' we have on the bathroom wall... PLUS I had the perfect item to use for my Shadow Box... but I'm getting ahead of myself with my excitement.

The 3 requirements this round were:
~Shadow Box
I dragged out some of my 'drawing day' skills to create this Fairy. Simple pencil sketch colored with pencil crayons, then high lighted (on the face) with super-fine Sharpie. Been so long since I've used any of that I had to snarf everything to draw her from my kids! lol
The Shadow Box is a 'deep dish' frame I had collected on a FreeCycle Weekend. I'd been itching to do something special with it. I covered a pieces of Styrofoam (from our Chrisco Hamper) with Deep Blue Velvet, stapling it in the rear, then glued this onto the back of the Frame.
The Fairy is 'dressed' in gold paint covered in Martha Stewart 'peridot' glitter (shoes and bodice) then trimmed with some sparkle marabou I liberated off a Christmas Angel ornament and Ribbon from a Gift Bag handle. Wings and antennae are a dissected Craft Butterfly... Hair by Barbie. I actually attached some 'scalp' so the hair would stay intact.
Ahhh... For Art: when it's OK to scalp Barbie. :O)
Insect Visitors, Moss and plastic Greenery were attached with lots & lots & lots... did I say lots? of Hot Glue and (my favorite!) Craft Goop.
I'm really, really happy with this project...

Fairy Close:

Top Left:

Bottom Left:

Bottom Right:

Top Right:

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I jumping right into 2010 with my 'word' for the year... CREATE

I created this for a challenge on ~Artist 365~ (see below)
My 2010 Word:
This year I’m trying to explore my Artistic Side… Art Journals, Scrapbook Challenges, Altered Art, as well as creating a Family by getting married and hopefully pregnant.

Since it's 2010 I decided to commit to 10 things to do with 'Creating'.Most are Internet/Blog related and I'm hoping some of these commitments will overlap (photo's, topics etc...) I'm going to stretching myself as an Artist for most of them too.

1. Creating our "Family".
This in a large part will be wrapped up in Wedding Plans... Sept 25th will be coming faster as the days get closer and I'll be a Wife. I'm sure there will be many, many opportunities to 'create' things for the wedding too.
2. Creating "Harmony".
This year the house get de-gunged, de-cluttered and set up so we have space for everyone to be who they need to be and do what they need to do without being on top of each other while doing it
3. Your Life Spelled Out 2010:
This is a blog for those of you that want or need to journal but when a pen and paper are put in front of you your mind goes completely blank. This will be a daily starting place with words or questions that will inspire you to reach within yourself and unlock your thoughts and your creativity. For those of you that art journal, I will create weekly prompts just for you. Let the creative process begin
4. One Year Art Journal:
This blog is for YOU. It's not for Her. It's not for THEM. It's not for someday. It's for NOW. It's for YOUR rules. It's for YOUR ideas. The prompts and ideas here are for inspiration, and motivation to be creative, and create. I will post suggestions and ideas for art journals. The ideas are for you to take and make your own. Because the art you create using these ideas are YOURS, there is NO right or wrong way for you to interpret or create your art. PERFECT! Really. It's 100% up to you.Prompts Posted on the 15th and 30th of each month.
5. ~Artist 365~:
Photographers, Scrapbookers, Poets...If you like "Art" this group is for you.We would like to encourage you this yearto pursue your Artistic Side!One day at a Time.
6. Bad Girls Project 52:
BAD GIRLS PROJECT 52 is an artistic community of 10 artists who share their view of a very poignant challenge that is put forth to them every 2nd and 4th Monday. We welcome everyone to join us on this journey and share their artistry is our hope that by playing with us you will find peace and calm in all areas of art and gain more insight into the wonderful world of mixed media. Providing a place for all artists to not only collaborate, but to join together in a journey that will enable a peaceful soul and a free spirit.....come to learn the true meaning of ART. Hope you will be here with us all year long to enjoy this incredible's going to be so fun!
7. My Personal 'Art' Blog:
Scrapbooking is Cheaper than Therapy... Just a little of this... and a little of that... to come forth from the Scrapbooking Room.A place I will be posting my creative endeavors. WATCH THIS SPACE! ;O)
8. Grace in Small Things (GiST (My posts.)
Grace in Small Things as a daily reminder to take notice of the positive things we tend to overlook.Grace in Small Things exists because we are choosing not to allow the noisiness of life to rob us of the time and energy to be mindful of ourselves and those we love and to recognize the grace that exists in small things.Grace in Small Things is for YOU, because you deserve it.Grace in Small Things is a challenge for every day, because there's no time like the present, tomorrow never comes, and some other cliche about seizing the day. Oh, right: carpe diem.I will be continuing to create good, positive energy with this forum.
9. 365 Picture of the Day Blog:
Lipstick on The Coffee Cup Life with 4 boys, a fiancee, 2 dogs, a bunny, a home-business & an ex... etc... etc... Some days the cup is 1/2 empty... Some days the cup is 1/2 full...I will continue to post my POD (Picture of the Day).
10. After the wedding... Getting Pregnant

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bad Girls Project 52, Challenge #6... so hard!

That time again!
#6 Arches.
~Use of an Arch
~Theme of the Sea
~Use of Pearls

This was a really, really hard one for me to get myself into... a lot of Internet trolling before inspiration struck.
I've never been near the Sea being a born & bred in-lander AND I'm allergic to shellfish so am therefore unable to wear pearls, so they don't hold much draw for me... and thus an initial lack of inspiration for this project.
The Holiday Season though was my saving grace!
I was looking up some of the old Reader's Digest cartoon classics they used to play near the holidays (The Selfish Giant, The Happy Prince, The Incredible Rocket...) and one of my all time favorites was 'The Little Mermaid'... ah ha!
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

This was my take:
A 12 X12 Scrapbook page from The Die Cuts With a View 'Once Upon a Time' Line, I cut the window out and layered it on top of a print-out I had water-colored, then attached with pop dots to add dimension, to create my Arch.
I water-colored over the printout with metallic blue to give the sea some 'shine', thickly layered white in to create the 'foam' and splattered a bit around...
Also enhanced around the Arch and over the Grapes and Vines with thinned paint.

I embellished the Little Mermaid with some Chain & Pearl jewelry 'bits' and a mini-crucifix. These were attached with Crystal Effects.

I printed off the Quote then aged the paper with ink and soaked it in watered down paint... rolled it and attached it, also with pop-dots to give it some depth.