Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bad Girls Project 52, Challenge #7... 'Fairy-Nice' Shadow Box.

I must say this has been my favorite challenge to date!
I was planning on making a project for a 'hole' we have on the bathroom wall... PLUS I had the perfect item to use for my Shadow Box... but I'm getting ahead of myself with my excitement.

The 3 requirements this round were:
~Shadow Box
I dragged out some of my 'drawing day' skills to create this Fairy. Simple pencil sketch colored with pencil crayons, then high lighted (on the face) with super-fine Sharpie. Been so long since I've used any of that I had to snarf everything to draw her from my kids! lol
The Shadow Box is a 'deep dish' frame I had collected on a FreeCycle Weekend. I'd been itching to do something special with it. I covered a pieces of Styrofoam (from our Chrisco Hamper) with Deep Blue Velvet, stapling it in the rear, then glued this onto the back of the Frame.
The Fairy is 'dressed' in gold paint covered in Martha Stewart 'peridot' glitter (shoes and bodice) then trimmed with some sparkle marabou I liberated off a Christmas Angel ornament and Ribbon from a Gift Bag handle. Wings and antennae are a dissected Craft Butterfly... Hair by Barbie. I actually attached some 'scalp' so the hair would stay intact.
Ahhh... For Art: when it's OK to scalp Barbie. :O)
Insect Visitors, Moss and plastic Greenery were attached with lots & lots & lots... did I say lots? of Hot Glue and (my favorite!) Craft Goop.
I'm really, really happy with this project...

Fairy Close:

Top Left:

Bottom Left:

Bottom Right:

Top Right:

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