Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bad Girls Project 52, Challenge #8... Filled Frame.

I got this done early because I knew almost exactly what I was going to do when I read the posting... it's going to be a gift for a very, very dear friend.
I hope she likes it. :O)

The parameters this round were:
~Filled Frame (clip art. images etc...)
~Bird (real, fantasy, etc...)

I had fun being a pyromaniac this project...
I started with a 2nd hand 9 X 7" frame that was already painted a rusty-bronze-metallic...
Then I charred the ever-loving-heck out of it.
I started working around the frame, lightly, with a lit candle to get some directional soot marks, then I let the paint bubble and peel in a few placed. Finally actually catching portions (more on the bottom) on fire and letting them burn away.
I sprayed it with hair spray so the soot wouldn't smear and let it dry.

Then I got to have fun smashing...
I bought a red glass Valentine's vase at the $ store which I then wrapped in a towel and smashed with a hammer to get some chunks of glass.
I then loaded a few of the 'redder' chunks into a little fake leather baggie (came with some make-up years ago) and smashed some more.

I took a free clip-art image of a phoenix and, in layers, starting at the outer edges I glittered it. LOTS!
Moving in bit, by bit... red, orange, dark gold and a softer gold. Eye in black glitter.
I charred some nature themed pattern paper I glued onto the 6 X 4" frame insert. Then burned another sheet (in a different design) and glued it on top to give it some texture and depth. I also glue gunned this into the frame, for stability.
I attached the phoenix into the frame with hot glue, just coming over the top of the opening so it looks like it's leaving the frame.

Then I crumpled up some brown paper bag and burned the tips. Made several of these, I wanted lots to clip from. I clipped the burned tips off and hot glued them to the bottom, inside of the frame in a few layers.
Then gluing chunks of the smashed red glass in among the burned papers to make 'embers'.

Finally holding the bottom of the project over the lit candle again to char the glass a bit.
Here is my final 'Filled Frame' project:
Phoenix, from the burning embers.

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