Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Work, Work, Work...

I've been a busy bee lately... so many things going on my plate for the upcoming Craft Sale's KeepSake's Crafts is participating in through November & December.
I thought I'd share a 'sneak-peek' at some of it.
These are raw & unfinished...

Some of the Unmounted Magnets I've made using re-purposed, rescued from the trash CD's & DVD's. I still need to sand down some raw spots and glue on the magnets:

A Closer View:

These are the Unmounted Pins... again need some sanding, cleaning up and to have the Pin-Backs attached:

Closer View of the Unmounted Pins:

Check out the Dates for the sales (if your near Ottawa) on my FaceBook Page:
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