Sunday, November 2, 2008

Funny Bunny...

More NavCan stuff... busy working on stuff for the Craft Sale's and my health has been less than stellar so I apologize for the lag in postings... 100 lashes with a Wet Noodle will be applied for being a 'Bad Blogger', I promise!
I brought up TONS of pictures of our new Baby Bunny, Cleopatra ~Cleo~... This is just some of the pages I did of her:
The Story:
There is ALWAYS a story... That's why we scrapbook, right? Right. ;0)
2 page 12 X 12 LO
Used the 12 X 12 DCWV 'Once Upon a Time' paper for this and it just MADE the LO. I bought this paper because it was just tooooo beautiful to not have in my 'stash'. With a few glittery embellishments from MM and some BLING stickers... voila! Royal panache...
A Tale of 2 Bunnies…
We went up to Bearbrook Farms to check it out as a possible Wedding Venue. On the way up Greg checked his lottery ticket while getting gas and found out he’d won $5.
When we got to Bearbrook and were waiting we saw a glimps of white under a bush… one of the baby bunnies they had out for sale had escaped! I followed him and caught him, returned him to the cage with his Mother & Sister.
Then we saw the wedding co-ordinater and it turned out the date we wanted was spoken for… she felt bad we’d come all that way for nothing, so she let us take a quick tour of the farm to take some pictures.
When we got back from the tour we noticed the bunny had escaped again… so we decided we’d take him home. There had been a sign in the store that they had baby bunnies for sale for $5… just the amount we had won. Hmmm… Having recently lost Cloud, our other bunny to old age we hadn’t been openly looking but waiting for fate to step in…
HE had other ideas!
After over an hour of trying to catch him, he’d run under the juniper bushes and we’d been trying to poke him out with a broom handle, we decided to take the Sister home instead.
So tiny, she wasn’t even 2 lbs at 8 weeks old. Named her Cleopatra for the dark kohl like markings around her eyes… a true Queen! Who’s stolen everyone’s heart from the start.

Random Cleo-ness:
She was 8 weeks old in most of these pictures... the fuzzy, baby, cuteness to hard to resist by a picture happy, camera wielding Scrapbooker!
2 page 12 X 12 LO
After a trip to the local Scrapbook Store Auntie Em's, I got some inspiration. In other words I bought some stuff I wanted to use right away... tis the way! 12 X 12 paper from Bo Bunny that was on clearance, I just looooved the colors. I also picked up some Felt Flowers from Creative Impressions for a page challenge... the colors were perfect together. Added some Twill tape, punched out paper circles and matching brads.
Little Scamp!
Sleepy Bunny…
Can we be friend?
Are you my Mommy?
Can I eat this?
How about this?
Ohhh… those look Yummy!
Dalmatian Bunny

Bunny Vrs Ironman
Single Page 12 X 12 LO
This was the 2nd page I did up at NavCan... just fun! I'm still thinking about adding some eyelets or brads along the yellow strip near the top... when I have time. lol Funny Bunny.
Bunny: 1
Cleopatra decided to take on IronMan in battle…
Poor IronMan didn’t know what he was in for.
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