Thursday, October 9, 2008

More NavCan Pages...

As promised some more pages I completed while up at NavCan.

This one I'm really proud of. I've been hoarding these pictures of Thomas with plans to do a really good page and finally gave in. It was the 'beautiful' in BLING that pushed me to do it... so precious!

This was just a fun layout once it was done, but let me tell you soooo hard to cut right! Trying to get the angles just 'so' *groan* It looks good but I wouldn't try it again, wasted a lot of paper. All the wording is one of the newer Daisy Bucket Designs Rub-On sheets (Rainbow) I LOVE it... I'm a big color person so this layout is just so very ME. Life's to short for Beige (or White!)... story of my life. lol

This is aaaaalll the goodies I got in my 'Swap Bag'. We each brought up a goodie bag or package of sh-tuff to put on the prize table... Sunday Morning we had some contests, competitions, bingo awards, etc... to determine the 'picking' order for goodies.
I chose this package because I LOVED the tissue paper, girlie yet not PINK. lol Can't see it well but it's covered in shoes, I like shoes. *G*
It was jam-packed with Creative Memories sh-tuff. I'm not sure if I'll us the album I'm not a huge fan of the their albums but I love the stickers. Yes, I'm still a sticker scrapbooker and proud of it! Papers, very 'boy' (fwef!) and some awesome templates. I like my goodie bag.

Still lots more to come... watch for it!!!
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