Thursday, July 28, 2011

Art Journaling...

Big Step forward, Small Step back...
In the Studio, started cleaning up and resettling then managed to slice a pretty healthy chunk of my left thumb.
Was washing out a restaurant size ketchup can (4 boys the ONLY size we buy... lol) that had been opened with a 'take the top off' can opener and as I reached into the sink to grab the brush (rushing) I caught the knuckle of my thumb on the side of the can. If I wasn't wearing a thumb ring (which stopped the decent) it would have been a lot worse.
No stitches because it's in a bad spot, only sliced one nerve spot (can't feel the bottom of my nail and the cuticle bed) heaps of glue, some pretty white bandages and a few days of 'keep it dry & clean'.
Pretty much means no crafting because I'm always messy! ;O)
I have been editing and sorting pictures:
Safe, clean and I can do it with 1 thumb, Woot!
Didn't realize how much I did with it, even though I'm right handed, til it became mind numbingly painful to use. My eldest is on call for opening all containers and anything that involves a 2 hand carry. He's... thrilled. *snort*

While sorting realized I didn't post the last batch of Art Journal Pages.
These are from the little 4 X 6 Random Journal I carry with me.

Greg & Sarah:
Hat & Cane:
Pink Paisley Zentangle:
Apple Tree (added journaling later):
Is anyone else (still) having problems commenting on Blogger?
lol... if you are I suppose commenting may not be possible!

I can comment on my OWN Blog but not others... I'm reading, I want to comment but I don't get the 'window' to write in. Really annoying not to be able to comment on the Blog I DT for and the friends I follow.
Occasionally it works for a comment or 2, but then it stops
It won't post the comment I've already spent the time writing out.
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