Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Pages...

These are the busy times you take the pictures to Scrapbook Later!

Our summer schedule for the past few weeks has me feeling drained both physically and creatively. Up til 3-4 AM, then sleeping til late morning OR Up early and heading out Day-Tripping with the Family, depending on if it's an 'Off' day for Greg or not. We've been to Fort Henry, the Busker Festival, Mosaika on Parliament Hill (HIGHLY recommended!) and almost every City Pool within the Greater Ottawa Area. ;O)

After this Weekend hoping to have some Masks to share. I'm registered, along with my eldest son, for a Wet Leather Work Class
Can't wait! I've wanted to learn some leather work stuff for a long, long time.

The 'Franken-Thumb' is healing MUCH better then anticipated. It'll never be *pretty* again, the nerves around the nail and 1/2 of the top indeed have no sensation (feels so odd)... but it's still attached (yeah!) and now uninfected. Boo-ya! All Good in my book. :O)

So all I have to share again are some more Art Journal pages from the little carry-around pocket journal, doodled away in the late hours while waiting for Da'Geg to get home...




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