Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day-To-Day Journaling...

Another batch of pages from my Random 4 X 6 Art Journal...

This book is most definitely *random* and far more personal than any of the others. There are many page I choose not to share from this book, because they are indeed quite personal.

I'm treating this little book not as a technique book... I have those, I have several actually seeing as I have 5 Art Journals on the go at present, but more as a 'Diary'.

This is the book I hope my kids, grand-kids etc... can look back at and get a small 'taste' of some of the day-to-day thoughts, things and activities we had going on.

I rarely have a 'plan' when I sit down with this book... 2 boxed of markers, pens etc... and a wide-open mind and willing fingers ready to create whatever pops up. I just go with the flow... sometimes nothing comes and I pack it back up but more often than not after a few minutes of sitting with a cool, clean, blank page under my fingers... they start to move and something starts to form. I just let it happen and am sometimes quite surprised at what forms.

But whatever it is... it's part of this family, my loved ones, our house, our situation or just a small part of me. THAT'S what I want them to be able to look back on in the years to come when my memory fades and I am eventually gone.

That's why I Art Journal.


My Guardian Angel:

Who Am I?

Hope in the Bun-Shine:

Take a Walk:

Color Your World:

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