Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Art Journal: New Book...

Only a few pages behind again... because I havn't been doing as much Art Journaling.
Been out with the family soaking up the last of the summer. We've been doing a few 'Photo Hunt' Trips as we call them: Maplelawn Gardens, Beechwood Cemetery and Britannia Beach at 'golden hour'. Greg's schedule changed again: throwing a 4 day weekend at us, in exchange it's the last days he has off til the boyz start school.
Sooo.... we've been squishing the next 2 weeks plans into 4 days.
Tiring but oh so fun!
These pages are all from the newly christened 4 X 6" Book of Randomness.

Naked Art Journaling:
Slave to Fashion:
A Lady:
Newest Book Title Page:

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