Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maplelawn Garden...

Back on the 16th we did what was to become one of several 'photo hunts' as a family. We grabbed all the cameras we have (Good, Meh and the 2 Ugly) and headed over to Maplelawn Garden a gorgeous historic Walled Garden right here in Ottawa.
This place is one of my favorite little hide-y holes, I used to come here to read or veg after I moved out on my own... truthfully mainly for a little 'room-mate respite'. ;O) Even in the winter it's a peaceful shelter and so, so beautiful.

The array of photos always amazes me when we do these trips:Greg going for *the* picture or taking several exposures so he can mess around with them in editing later. Myself looking for 'stationary' for future Art Journal pages or pretty fleurs I can look back on over the winter months. The boyz... shooting anything and everything (and I mean eeeeverything) but always getting one or two pictures that put Greg's to shame (sorry hunny). I love the variety we get and am often surprised by what I choose to use later for projects.

This is *my* favorite spot, the bench on the right at the back. Your back is to the traffic coming down the road and I find it's sounds are completely muffled in this one spot . You can gaze out on most of the gardens, it feels as if you've slipped into Alice's Garden...
far away...
The sign on the way into the Walled Section:
The Main Manor House, which now houses The Keg restaurant:
View of the Garden from the back Left Corner:
When I see this lamp away behind the Manor House, beyond the stone patio, I think of Lucy's Lamp in Narnia... especially in the winter:
William and Arthur wandering the path on the Right, along the road:
View from the front-ish Left:
View straight down the center from the main entrance:
Closer to the central fountain/birdbath:
Another visitor to the Gardens?
More likely he's a full-time resident, nice digs!
This would be one of those surprise pictures the kids take...
This one was from William the finder of the fantastical:
I like capturing the fleeting beauty of flowers. I can look back over our albums of pretties when it's cold and bleak outside... and remember:
More Fleur-y Goodness:
and RED!

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