Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #114

Been a looooong while since I dared post a picture of the creative detritus in my corner of the Studio. Posting this over at Stamping Ground so everyone else can feel better about how not-so-messy their spaces really are. *wink*
I'm still not making much ~in~ the Studio because we're still, yes still... cleaning, clearing and updating the electrics in the house. (blek!)
So let's see what we have today...
On the Left are the Masks I made at the Wet Leather Molding Workshop on Saturday past. GREAT workshop I went to with my eldest son. I'll be posting pictures when I get a chance to finish painting mask #3 and adding some bling & frou-frou to all 3. Usual stuffed bunny posse looking on, with 1 oddity 'Fugly' the we-think-it-may-be-a-fuchsia-monkey Greg won me on our honeymoon . SU! Markers and more markers (in wood box with the iron work insert) I drag around the house for Art Journaling... and my lil'Art Journal on *the* Day-Timer (aka the Yellow Family Bible). Stack of books are clean, pure virgin Journals. $2 each at the $ store! I grabbed a buuunch for both myself and to toss at my 4 boyz to help get us all through the rest of the summer. I love watching them bent over their own lil'books does my Artist Heart proud. :O)
Above it all is the Bag of Freecycle Goodies collected this past week.

In the Bag are both Ostrich Feathers (over 2 dozen!) and Pheasant Feathers (looks like almost a whole bird...) I collected from 2 different Freecycle drops. The Pheasant house also gave me the 2 lil bird nests... *squee* I already gave a handful of feathers away to a fellow Steampunk-er who I KNOW will put her batch to good use. I can't wait to make some sh-tuff with mine!

I already poked a few onto the Mini-Hat I wore at the Canadian National Steampunk Expo...
I think they make it even more fetching...
They add some height... at 5' 1/4" I need all the UP I can get!

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