Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 116

Welcome to my usual MESS...
Come on in, swipe some crafty-crap off a chair and have a seat... if you can find one. ;O)

I had a Major Muse day yesterday and got 10 different project scratched off the 'homework' list. So I rewrote it... the one here today is much, much shorter then usual and *gasp* there's actually space for MORE.
What's out is sh-tuff for the ScrapFIT workouts um... due today.
Roses and birdhouse bits are about here and there, things I'm thinking about adding to The Order Of the Opus Gluei: Roses challenge... pondering...
Mask I snagged at the $ store for William's Halloween costume. Hoping it works out... he wants to be The Phantom of the Opera and so he will *need* THE mask, fer sure.
...and um, chocolate cause... well, uh... it's to keep everyone else *cough* male *cough* in my house safe for the next few days, if you catch my drift. *smiling ever so sweetly*

Greg was a goof today. :O)
We rushed out this morning for an 'OMG-we're-not-going-to-make-it-til-the-weekend/payday' shopping run for a few must-have basics. We were in a mega-rush since he had to leave for work within the hour so I said 'No' when he asked if I wanted some fleurs, I could wait til the weekend. Then he 'forgot' something inside *sigh of frustration* he ran back inside for it, I loading the car. When he came out he had his item and the fleurs. My Goof. :O)
'He knows that Sunflowers are my absolute favorite, they were on sale only until tomorrow, yadda-yadda... and he knows I'm in a lot of pain right now.'
I love my husband, very much.
So I have my Happy Fleurs... Sunflowers always look like they're smiling to me and they are such a deep gorgeous color... *sigh of pure contentment* I've taken quite a few pictures to share the Sunflower-shine today.
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