Friday, August 26, 2011

HDH103 - Carnival of Curiosities for Macabre Monday at Haunted Design House

of the creepy circus or carnival oeuvre.Come one, come all!! Bring out your freaks, your fortune tellers, terrifying clowns,
and your most curious of curios.

Went with a creepy carnival game for my project...
For the base, used a tole-painted wood Milk Bottle sign we picked up on the last Treasure Hunt Weekend. Twice a year in our City you can leave things you don't want at the curb and people can take them... or you can go *hunting* like we do! I messed the sign up with some Red Glimmer Mist 'blood'.

The Skull was part of a freebie clip-art Halloween Sign printed, mounted on Cereal Board and then cut out. Sprinkle of 'blood' here too. It's mounted on with thick foam tape, stacked 3 layers at the jaw so it's tilted out over the Milk Bottle Toss Sign.
Signs were printed, cut out, scrunched into tight balls, smoothed out then rubbed with light yellow ink. Then glued them over some Cereal Board, so they'd be raised as well, and added the Brass Brad 'nails'.

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