Friday, August 19, 2011

The Planet You... signed up!

I recently had an email from Kaere Schmidt over at The Planet You,
I popped on over to check things out and was totally charmed!

You REALLY should take a moment (several actually) to pop on over yourself and watch the video Mini Course on Writing HERE... it's available to everyone *free*.
You can also download it in it's in entirety in pdf. text.

I was watching the preview video and my husband, from across the room, asked why I was caught in the computer?... lol. The views on journaling are so close to my own it's amazing... almost scary. ;O)

I 'Art Journal' because I'm an Artist... I 'Journal' because I'm human.
I plan to leave my journals for my children and grandchildren so they may in a sense know me, and in a way themselves and where they came from, when I am gone. I don't censor my journals... they are bits and pieces of ME, left behind on paper.

I've decided to jump in with both feet and registered for the Upcoming:
Planet You, A Journaling Workshop, Sept 16.
This is the Video Preview:

Looking forward to the writing adventures ahead!

I'll be posting as I go, I'm sure. :O)

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