Monday, January 31, 2011

Kard Krazy Tag Tuesday Challenge: Valentines (Steampunk Style!)

Tag Tuesday Challenge -- Valentines

My Christmas crafting mess is still not fully cleared way, but it's not too early to start on Valentines. So for this week's challenge we will be making Valentine Tags.
Please feel free to use any medium you'd like or create any style of Valentine.

I started with a standard Manila Shipping Tag...
inked and stamped it with Gel-a-Tins: Get in Gear set.
Then I added some Steamy-Art I got online:
Printed to fit and also inked.
I coated the heart in 2 thick layers of 3D Crystal Lacquer... I tried to get a picture that showed it so hence the MEGA close-up shot below. ;O)
Finishing off with 2 Screw Brads, some yarn and a scrap of Vintage lace.

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