Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Daily 2013: The Cover

 December has arrived... Time to start The December Daily!
You can follow everyone along over at:
 I wanted RINGS this year... but seeing as I fell down our stairs last week I've 'lost' a lot of time. Enter -Quick and Simple Git'er DONE- (on the cheap!) Strategy. 
$3 Daytimer from Dollarama... 
Fugggggly, but that's OK = NO Guilt on recovering. *wink*
 Lots of pages and dividers... 
May or may not get used as bases.
These will get used... fer sure.

Paper, Tape, Thicker numbers and a wee bit o'classy Bling later...
This is what you get. 
Even was suuuuuper thrifty and flipped the wrap-label that came on it over, inked and used it in the other direction. 
Waste-Not, Want-Not!

All of Cover
 Inside Cover... almost done.
 Front Cover
 Front Cover and Spine
 Inside Covers all Done!
The 'sweater' calender in the back is a screen saver image...
The Front calendar was a freebie, Thank-You Pinterest!
The front one will be used as the 'Table of Contents' this year.

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