Thursday, April 10, 2008

Simplicity... on the Cheap.

Just over a year ago I separated and am now travelling the much red-tape covered road of divorce...
At the time it was suggested I start an 'All About Me' album to record the changes and help in rediscovering 'Who is Sarah?'.

Yesterday I completed another addition.

This was actually inspired by the Stickers.

Yes... I'm one of those scrapbookers that still loooves her stickers... I find they don't work for every layout but for some... they are Magic.

This is a 12 X 12, single page Layout. Paper: Junkitz-Boys Collectionz, Stickers: Sandy Lion-Scrapbook and a few stick on Gems from the $ store. Computer journaling an SU! Confetti White Card Stock.

Easy, Simple and Cheap!

Paper: 25 cents (Bought on clearance when a local store was closing)

Stickers: $2

Gems: mere pennies... (pack of over a 100 for $1)

Result: Priceless!

lol... sorry couldn't resist.

This layout is about my 'mantra' song, 'All In Good Time' by Ron Sexmith. A song that has helped me through many a rough bump on this road. I'd been pondering on just how to do it... then I saw those stickers... I was out looking for embellishments for a Disney Album I'm completing for a client and these just jumped out at me... I left them sitting out were I could see them for almost a week before inspiration just seized me.

I'm very pleased with the end result.

Scrapbooking can be a very expensive hobby but sometimes we need to remember that simple, and cheap, can be just as beautiful too.

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