Thursday, May 15, 2008

In the Beginning...

That folks... is the 1st scrapbook page I ever made.
Long, long ago... in a township far, far away...
My 1st introduction to the world of scrapbooking came from the humble beginnings of Creative Memories (CM) as I'm sure many, many people can relate to.
The 'hallowed' White page, Paper Strip and Accent Triangle. (ew!) I could not believe that was 'it' even as a complete Newbie... lol.
I put my triangle off-center, that got me a tongue clacking...
I used 'extra' stickers, oh boy the 'looks'...
Then I DOODLED... *gasp* God forbid! I thought the rep was gonna faint!
Now I must say that CM has come a fair ways since then, it was beyond 'cult' level when I went to this in-home demo back in 2002.
I figured I would treat you to a 'blast from my past' since I've been to ill to do anything this past week. I'm also deep into a client project and without a signed release that's a Big ol'No-No on the sharing.
Glad to say I've come a loooong way since then.
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