Thursday, April 23, 2009

More NavCan Good-ness...

These are the rest of the 12 X 12 layouts I completed while away over the weekend:

This one was the last one I did... so very much running out of steam by that point. I had promised to get at least 1 layout done of our latest family addition: Hope. These were some awesome pictures we got of her messing around with a plate full of strawberry trimmings. She's a turkey! lol The punched bunnies are Martha Stewart, all the paper is Mulberry with petals in it... the boys really liked it.

2 page layout of April Fool's Day, we really got the kids this year. I had a really hard time trying to figure out how the embellish April Fool's Day, THEN at one of the stores we went to I found this 'friends' sticker/chipboard set full of Ha-Ha, LOL and Laugh: PERFECT!!! Something I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for for next years 'kid torture' page, ;O)

These 2 pages are the 'Egg-stravaganza' of Easter Egg decorating we did. I always love the pictures we get while doing the eggs: the intense looks, the pretty color and the interesting compositions. Every year the eggs are so different too! This was embellished very simply with repeating sticker images, I really didn't want to 'take away' from the pictures themselves.
2 pages of Easter Day. The morning Chaos then Family Dinner. The strips are from the Dollar Store years ago, (you know back when it was a still $1 not $1.25 or more. @@) they worked very nicely with this paper. The rest of the scattered stickers were another set of Easter Goodies. Another example of my in-famous 'Film-Strip' method of scrapbooking. When you have 6+ people at every event it makes for a lot of pictures... a lot of good pictures, this is a great way to not leave anyone out!
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