Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Love...

I've been meaning to do... but never seem to get around too... always have something else to scrap... can't get the pictures together for... didn't have the right embellishments for...
Any pages of my Sweetie.
Which is really pretty sad.
Considering the man makes it possible for me to scrapbook at all.
Lots & lots of the pictures I use are 'his'... he stays with the kids so I can get away to crop or on retreat... he drives me hunting for supplies... and well, his love has made my life better & when life is better... the creativity flows.
So while I was away the very first project (before any of those niggly little excuses could butt in) I did was an 8 X 8, 16-page Album.
Just for Him: About Him.
Peruse below... no further explainations needed.
I love Him.

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