Thursday, May 5, 2011

CNSE Recovery...

We may be back from the Honeymoon but my body is still on vacation...
It thinks I'm too old to be up that late, having that much fun!
Sarah Systems are just not coming back on line as I expected. My ongoing medical condition is causing some medium amount of pain and there is a need to just take it easy and let my body catch-up with my bravado.
It will be at least another day or 2 before I can find my way back into the Studio.

Suffering from Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition (CNSE) overload.
Wouldn't change it for the world though!

Blogger is not being super co-operative either...
Anyone else having issues with the 'read all blogs' function?
I checked the Blogger Bug Site and it was reported yesterday that several blogs are finky and 'they're looking into it'. In the mean time I can't access/read the list of the 250+ Blogs I follow.
OH! But I can 'follow' THEM for an update... uhhh... yeah. In other words if I can see the post saying they fixed it, (ie. see it all again anyway) it's fixed. Gotcha! Thanks Guys.
No commenting or make my 'homework' list. *pout* I'm hoping that this posts OK though I saw they are also having issues with multi-picture posts, which this most certainly will be.
Can You See Me Now???? ;O)
If you can't I'm not surprised since I can't see you!

I will only post a 'few' pictures in hopes that the post goes through OK.
Between 2 people, each with a camera and 4 days away... we took a looooooot of pictures.
I'm sure you will see many more Scrapbooked in the future.
The rest are HERE on Flickr.
There is also a Flickr Group for CNSE HERE for anyone to post pictures of this FANTASTIC Weekend Event.
The True Highlight of the Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition (CNSE) for us was to actually MEET Professor Elemental and see him perform Live, several times. It was wonderful... he was always around, just wandering about to different Events, kinda like a friendly CNSE Spirit, spreading good cheer and laughter in his wake. Splendid!
We arrived laaaaate Thursday (early Friday really) and fell straight into bed. The wind was terrible the whole way up, we thought the van was going to fly off the road. Greg was really having to 'drive' the whole way. Scary with all the Big Trucks Tail Whipping I tell ya. Funny watching a Smart Car though... it looked like a remote control car being driven by a child or a kite... just needing a rope on the back with bows and a string. Glad we weren't in one of those! We stopped at a rest-stop along the St. Laurence to get some pictures of the White Caps in the water and a HUGE tree the wind had felled.
Friday Morning we were up fairly early so we went to explore.
I dressed in what I refer to as 'Steampunk Lite'. I'd already fussed with my hair being up 2 hours before Greg (strange bed, strange sounds, light sleeper). I have a lot of hair but find in damn near impossible to do anything with on my own. I can't see! Compounded by the loss of my glasses if I don't want them wrapped right into whatever I'm trying to do to pin it up. lol I did managed to muck a twist with a mess in the back so I pulled the Decor off my Bowler and pinned it over the messy bit. Might be time for a hair cut.
When we got back we both got ready for the Opening at 3PM. I didn't do much other than get dressed and pin my hair the rest of the way up.
All Ready to fight Evil Vampire Scum!
Gun for shooting stakes, extra stakes, bloody hammer, flask of Holy Water, Map Case and my always present Doctors Bag. Greg wasn't up to pictures. :O( boo!
This was Saturday Morning... we um... overslept *cough, cough* Did I mention this was our Honeymoon Trip? ;O) We decided to dress for Professor Elemental's Mad Tea Party so we wouldn't miss stuff beforehand. meh... good plan but a snap head-ache hit me so we napped a bit to. (YES we slept!) Sleeping in the Hat was interesting... so many pins and hairspray I didn't dare mess with it! So tired it really wasn't a huge problem.
This outfit is missing the gloves though, I have velvet lace up fingerless gloves... 1 got left behind and I didn't want to do a Victorian Micheal Jackson. I think I may add some long lace to the sleeves at some stage... pondering...
Greg is in FireFly mode, minus his Brown Coat which got left behind in the final rush. He has great boots which he put on later for the Tea. rowr...
After the Tea we went back up so I could get de-corsetted, still wasn't feeling 100% and Greg could lose the boots again, tad snug. I changed into my 'Boffer with Bowler' Dr's garbing. Goggles, Suit and Dr's Bag, of course. Much easier to move around in minus the long trailing skirt on the Tea Outfit.
Last day was a bit more laid back... true Canadian Steampunk!
I revealed my Bunny Hat... it's warm, fuzzy and even has a tail. Heavier Make-up and some engine 'grease' streaks, weapons back on... ready to shoot. Last Day had Greg finally making his way over to the Games Room for some Boy-Fun. He spent the larger portion of the day playing Dystopian Wars, which looked like fun. Me thinks the lad will need a Rule Book and some Boats for his upcoming Birthday! By the time he decided he might like to buy some there the last box was gone. Too busy fighting a Figgin' Frigate that aaaaalmost took down his Battleship in the end. Though I'm not a big gamer myself I love being around a game so I hung around. :O)Had a table set-up in the Art & Artefact Display.
The pieces that came back from 187 Gallery: The Penny Dreadful Art Show went up with us to CNSE and a few handfuls of Small Art (Postcards, 4X4's, Tags and Greeting Cards).
I like this picture because you can actually see the train attached to the dress... pretty but a PITA to walk in and not catch in every closing door! lol I could babble on forever... it was such a FULL FULL weekend.
Music, Shows, Victorian Seance, Panel Discussions, Fabulous Food, my 1st trip to Toronto, Shopping, Friends, Costumes and Characters... oh my!
But I will leave it at that and pray that Blogger is running up to snuff soon so I can get back to the job of Creating. :O)
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