Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? 100!!!

Time for WOYWW #100 over at Stamping Ground. 100... wow!

Oh it's the usual cat-astr-a-frak... ;O)
BUT for once I have NOTHING being made.
Spent from last Thursday on, away on Our Honeymoon at the 1st Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition (CNSE)!

Took pictures anyways... for the 'log'.

The Horribly Messy Full Desk:
There's still a lot of the Steampunk-ery supplies out from last minute fix-ups of the sh-tuff I brought to the Art & Artefact Display and our Costumes. To the left are the Programs and some other paper snippets for Scrapbooking, one of the 2 cameras we took (LOTS of pictures: 600+ between 2 of us each with a camera), and my 'homework' list of projects I needed to get done last week. Today I will be posting pictures to Flickr and getting this weeks list ready.
Tea, Tea, Tea... and eventually Coffee.

This bracelet is one of my Treasures from the weekend:
Greg bought it for me, I'm well lurved. Dragonflies played heavily in our wedding so it's perfect, all silver, quite real... and much, much more stunning IRL. Surprisingly light though.
Oh and my much, much loved Bunny Reading a Book Pocket Watch. SO glad it arrived in time for CNSE!

The dreaded LIST:
4 things still to wrap up from last week... then on to see how far behind I am after taking time to recover on Monday/Tuesday. *cringe* This won't be pretty! But it was sooooooooooooo worth it!

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