Friday, July 12, 2013

Gnome Home Terrarium... Rainy Day Project.

Most of the components for this project have been sitting... waiting... for the 'right time' in the chaos that is summer-time here.
 Last Sunday was 'the day'.
Though we had planned to take a full hike up Lime Kiln Trail to gather some moss for this project it started to rain, quite a lot actually, as we arrived in the parking lot. Bummer!
We started up the trail anyway and despite the heavy multi-layering of bug repellant, the mosquitoes were VERY happy to see us, for lunch. *le sigh* So we kept it short, gathered what we needed and headed on home. 
The boys were sent off to clean-up and I set all the 'ingredients' out for creation.
This project was totally inspired by a guest blog post by Andrea Tomkins
of  a peek inside the fishbowl over at UsedEverywhere.

Our Version:
We had bought 2 little Gnomes to grace the front hallway area of the new house... The one we are geek-ify-ing room by room. (Doctor Who- Bathroom, Harry Potter- Library, Alice in Winderland- Kitchen etc...) The front Hallways is our general Fantasy/Wee Folk spot... Already graced by a Dragon guarding the door,  2 Fairy Doors and some wee wicker furniture set-up to encourage the little people to visit. Previously the Gnomes had taken up residents in a rather large lavender plant, but unfortunately the plant reached the harvest stage and the Gnomes needed a new home... Then Voila! The blog post crossed my path the next day. 

The Jar was bought, we wanted BIG, to accommodate the metal pegs the Gnomes sit on. 
This was a such a great project! 
SO EASY... and everyone got to help.

Lime Kiln Trail
As the rains began...
 Prepped and ready to CREATE...
 The Jar... 
Advil there for size comparison.
 Dirt, Stones, Moss, Charcoal and wee Plants...
 4 bags from the $ store... 
Picked for color. 
Washed clean of any dust.
 Wee plants... 
Dry Moss and Aquarium Charcoal for absorption.
Will be an enclosed eco-sytem, don't want it going funky. :)
 Moss fresh from some stones and logs.We left gifts of seeds and yarn behind in exchange. 
Water to spritz the dirty down, Mushroom 'table', our Gnomes and some stones for decor.
 Moss and Mushrooms...
 Gnomes... such a sweet couple!
 Stage 1:
Fill the bottom of the Jar with stones.
Everybody helped.
 Stage 2:
Place dry moss around edged for decor.. didn't have enough to make a full layer so had to spread it out.
Charcoal goes in this layer too.
 Stage 3:
This was a fun part to watch the boyz do, building and sculpting the landscape. Everyone had a turn.
 Stage 4:
GOOD spritz down with the water...
 Stage 5:
Placing the plants and arranging the moss on top to cover ALL the dirt. No in-progress pictures here... we were all busy! lol

Stage 6:
Time for the Gnomes to 'move-in'.
Place the stones and the mushrooms too.
Pretty durn cute... and eeeeveryone helped.
 Inside the Jar:
 Now proudly displayed in our front entrance-way:

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