Monday, November 11, 2013

Donation Art: Spain-ward-Bound!

This is a piece I made for a 'local cause'... 
A durn' good one too. :) 
Helping out the daughter of a dear friend. 

You can check out the event here:
And Please do! 
If you are not in Ottawa and would like to help out there ARE ways, just contact the event host. 

Quickie overview:
 This is a fundraiser to help Miranda get to an exchange program in Spain. She is super excited to practice her Spanish living with a family there. She is also looking forward to learning the momma's recipes!
The school's Principal is behind the plan to get Miranda to Spain. He has said if we can raise at least $1,500 he will make sure she goes.
Beside the bake and art sale, we'll be having a raffle. 

I won't blather, there are TONS of pictures below that are worth a few 1000 words at least. ;) 

Finished piece measured 14" X 11" before framing. 

Re-Fabbing of the Frame...

Terrible 'Hotel Lobby' Style print... Gotta Go!

Matte was sponged in glossy black...

Frame sponged in 3 shades of Red...


De-Progression of the Piece...

Finished and unframed

Finished: Close-Ups

She emerges...

The Outline...

The Outline: Close-Up

Bottom Right sheet of Made-Mixed-Media Paper is the background in this piece...

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