Friday, November 1, 2013

NaNoJouMo 2013... has begun. Day 1

It's that time again... NaNoJouMo!
Good time to dust off the blog. :) 
It's been a loooong busy time moving into the New House and an even busier summer FULL of fun, foods and canning. I will be doing some updating on the New House and how we're geek-ify-ing each and every room later. 
We have a plan that will reach full fruition by the beginning of 2015. 
Oh yes, we have a PLAN! *evil cackle* 
ah-hem... soooo, On with NaNoJouMo shall we?

Today's prompt is:
“Let It Be” — Superchic(k)
I choose to use some of the Lyrics...
 We could believe in ourselves more
We could try for unique
Instead of trying to conform
We could defy what they tell us
Don't buy the lies they sell us
If we're brave we can believe in what we are

I'm also had BRAVE come to mind right away after dressing as Merida for Halloween last night. 
It worked so that's what I did! 
The background was one of the papers I already had prepared and (as usual) I painted right over.

Scanned Image:

BONUS: The Costume :)
Pretty durn good for last-last day-of minute. 

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