Sunday, October 12, 2014

21 Day Painting Meditation Day 19: WOOD

"Wood. 2014 is a wood year…we have moved out of two water years. Wood is about growth and expansion. As I meditated on the rings that I painted, my thoughts led me to realizations around acceptance and the natural cycles of life. We know each ring in a tree holds an imprint of what that tree experienced that year. Years of tremendous growth, in which it received the optimal amount of water, etc. manifest as thick rings. Years of drought or hardship present thin rings. It is like that for us. Each year builds our life experience. Some years yield thick, juicy, fertile, healthy rings and others we barely are able to sustain our life energy…and everything in between. But it is ALL natural and the “tree” can handle it ALL."

 Serene today. 
Crayons and Wash.
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