Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 9: Multi-Journal (February 23rd - March 1st)

White Rabbit Edition!
Running behind... 
Well, less running and more still dragging after that nassssssty bug swept through the house. 
Better now, but late... late... late!!!

Pretty Basic Git'r'done as far as the challenges went...
 Feeling less 'chatty' writing wise so filled a BIG gap with a #MondayMugshot print off. Tucked most of the journaling in a cut-down greeting card re-lined with some stationary. 

Bits used this week:
-Scrapbook Paper snips
-BIG border sticker, cut down
-IKEA flyer snip
-Starbucks cup wrap
-Ticket from the Chemistry Magic Show
-ATC back card
-Rubber Stamp
-Washi Tape
-Stationary Paper
-Greeting Card

Prompts covered:
-Artistic Restraint-Repeat Journal 52
-Reading a Message and hearing the Senders Voice for #MondayMugshot - A Year in the Life of an Art Journal
-Self Love from Paint & Chronicle
-It's Worth Repeating for The Documented Life Project 
*Turned into OWL WEEK!!!*


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