Monday, April 27, 2015

Super Soul Flow ~ April Canvas #2 - ABUNDANCE ~ Rabbit

"We are going to explore THREE types of abundance that are available to us at any time:
#1 INNER abundance
#2 CREATIVE abundance
#3 RADIANT abundance


Symbols of ABUNDANCE are:
Turkey(!!) LOL
The Empress card in the Tarot deck
Lotus Flower
The planet Jupiter

There are an abundance of symbols to create the energy of abundance!

To connect to the energy of abundance, we are going to begin with exploring the magnificent color wheel. You are going to explore the infinite, and most abundant, shades of color that you can create yourself!

One of the statements I have heard new painters make throughout my career is, “It is getting muddy,” or “I don’t have the right color.” Therefore, becoming comfortable mixing colors is a valuable practice and one that will illustrate, symbolically, the abundance all around us!

In the ABUNDANCE video I take you through the color wheel. I encourage you to spend some time during your Painting Practice this month playing with the colors. Mix many different shades of your favorite color, for example. There is no end to the shades of color you can create!

You can mix infinite shades of red and blue, starting with red and adding a little bit of blue, then a little more, and more…and then you get to PURPLE!

You can also mix OPPOSITE COLORS. These are my favorite. If you look at this color mandala, you can see that the opposite colors are RED & GREEN, PURPLE & YELLOW,ORANGE & BLUE. When you add just a bit of the opposite color into a color, i.e. a bit of orange into blue, you get an “earthy” shade of that color. "
Was pulled to create a 2nd canvas this month... 
Started with a partially finished canvas from a class I no longer have access too. Then used up ALL of the mis-matched, partially used tubes of paint from replaced sets.
A bit of physical ABUNDANCE here... Using up the excess... 
An exercise in cleaning and clearing: ART STYLE

Canvas... re-using... 

ALL the paint... used for the background. 


...and Layers...

...and Layers...

Background DONE...
So Much YUMMY Texxxxxxxxture!

End of Day 1... 

Day 2:
Starting to Layer... 


A few porno-close Texxxture pictures... lol 

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