Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Super Soul Flow ~ March Canvas - PRESENCE ~ Mandala

March Super Soul Flow was all about:

For a book being co-authored with Whitney Frya: 
We created a mandala for this chapter.

 "Mandala in Sanskrit means sacred container. 
Mandalas have been created by almost every culture that has ever existed. 
It has ALWAYS been a ritual, an “Artual,” designed to bring us to our center and connect us to the divine."

"Becoming present is all about cultivating awareness. Awareness happens when we learn to be our own witness. For example, right now, look within. Then take a step back and observe how you are feeling at this particular moment. Are you feeling tired, happy, hopeful, frustrated, stressed, or excited? Now, ask yourself, “Am I this feeling? Is this who I am?” 
The answer would be NO. 
You are the you that is experiencing that feeling—you are not your feeling. 
In fact, at any given point in time, your focus, and the feeling being generated, is either on, or stemming from, the past, the future, or the present.
From the past, we can learn from our mistakes, recall valuable information, memories, or facts that we have learned or experienced and access our own personal set of baggage.
From the future, we get the opportunity to plan ahead, envision the future we desire, or worry about what might, possibly, maybe happen if this situation, desire, or goal of ours does not work out."
Amas Verita -Alan Silvestri ~Practical Magic Soundtrack
Practical Magic  -Alan Silvestri ~Practical Magic Soundtrack
Sacred Spirit Drums (whole album) -David and Steve Gordon
Re-Decorating a $2 2nd hand store pre-print canvas.
Black Gesso to start and then into the NEON Paints.
Followed the ideas laid out in this months video and delved into PRESENCE.
Took time in 2 parts to complete this months painting. 
Both times I left the Studio Table feeling softly content and very focused. 

1st Session:

2nd Session:

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