Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week 3: Multi-Journal (January 12 - 18th)

Up and Down and all over health wise so this is a few days later than I planned to post... 
Plans... meh! 

Week 3 started off with feeling off and moved quickly into %$#@* My Ear Hurts!
Combined Ear, Jaw and Sinus infection for the Hat-Trick. 
er... or 3 strikes-yer-out. Laws, I do so dislike sports. 

On the across from week page combined:
 -JOY from Paint & Chronicle
-COLOR WHEEL from The Documented Life Project
-BEAUTY from Hone Life 
Started by using a piece of leftover paint smear sheet. 
KNEW I was saving this one for something good... *grin*
Then write-write-write... 

Used a good amount of 'bits' for the week too:
-rubber stamp
 -iPhone note pad sheet
-tape ripped off a new printer cartridge
-piece of a greeting card
-more smear sheet (ink and spray one)
-magazine snips
-AVON catalog snip
-another piece of the paint sheet
HUZZAH for junk-journaling! 

Just inside after my Word of the Year and Goal pages I did another spread. 
Using the Conversation Starters prompt from Journal 52...
Greg and I were talking about changes and all that's happened in the past year, this led me to have a good look at my journal from last year. I had written down my weight before we started the Vegan, falling to Vegetarian change and some new meds to help with my Kidney Issues. I'm much less now... I wish I'd done a photo. ah-ha!!! This year I CAN. I took a photo Jan 4th so I've added it and a space to do some writing at the end of the year... AND a space to add a picture at the END of the year. Brilliant! So pleased. 
Page background is scrapbook paper, spray, paint and stencils. 

Quick updates are now starting to fill the Timeline Pages...
Art, Sketchbook Project and Soul Flow. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 2: Multi-Journal (January 5 - 11th)

Must say I am LOVING the Biggie Weekly Moleskin
Using up scraps of paper (scrapbook, note pads, waste over-spray/paint sheets etc....) for the daily spots and cramming the prompts together. 
Easy, quick, compact and do-able.

This week I mixed the prompts:
-Just Be (Journal 52)
-SAVOR (Paint and Chronoicle) 
-Gesso (Documented Life Project)
Resulting in more journal, less art. *grin* 
Gesso'ed the corner and put my picture in. 
Under traced a photo of myself, inked and colored in with water-based markers. 
Had to spray seal it to keep the color on. 
Really stoked at how MUCH I can fit on 2 pages.

Snapped a couple of pictures before journaling it up:

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Multi-Journal ...and Happy New Year!!!

Hullllloooooooooooooooooo.... 2015!!!

*blowing off the light layering of dust on the blog*
Kinda got lost after YEAH!! The book is coming out with MY ART in it hoopla in November. 

It did come... 
Good things come to those who wait... 
December 17th it was in book stores!
***more on that in a later post***

LOTS happened... 
Some pretty BIG stuff with a directional change for Days End Studio...
 Creating NARNIA...
Some painted wood. 
***buuuuut... also more on those in a later post... sorry I'm a tease!***

What I CAN share though is the start of this year's Multi-Journal.
Not a Multi-Pass... but a Multi-Journal...
If you do not know what Multi-Pass is from, pass over your Geek Card for shredding. 

As I was typing... 
I have never ever EVER been good at following directions to a T... 
My muse butts in and goes 'hmmm... this would look good too, just tweak this a weeeee bit, oh yeah but THIS, THIS is awesome... Do that!' and off we go on a merry creative side-trip. 
Soooo despite being signed up to participate in several Art Journal-y things I'm going to do my own thing, My own way and cram them ALL in 1 BOOK because I'm stubborn, a bit lazy, prone to loose things and don't want a bunch of books on the go.
Once you get a system going and I Fookin' ROCK at Art Journal systems. 

Each of the Weekly spreads will look like this: 

There is LOTS of extra non-week pages in front and back to cram full of Art-y Goodness.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.
1st things 1st...
Which Challenges and Where to find them:

Journal 52:

The Documented Life Project:

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal:

Hone Life Word a Week:

Paint and Chronicle:

...and possibly anything else that pops up as 2015 goes along!

...and THIS is The Journal it's ALL getting stuffed in.
It's so skinny right now but don't worry it will get FAT, and fat is GOOD. 
Choose the Bigger Weekly Moleskin (aprox 7 1/2" X 9 3/4") size.

Started by taking the Monday-Friday section and cutting it in 1/2 so that all 7 days are the same size... This leaves a nice slot to add the Prompts to each week. 
Set up a document on my computer pre-loaded to the dimensions so I can erase the last week, drop in the new week, print, cut and paste in the same slot each week.
Ta-Da! Easy-Peasy... 

1st week pasted in...
 2nd week flipped over to show how it works...

Starting to add the days...
I do this AFTER the day, a way of Chronicling what's happened after the fact. 
My goal is to use bits of everyday things, hopefully from that day if I can, to fill in the 1 1/2 " X 3 1/2" DAILY Spots. Like the Pizza Hut day: Used a piece I cut off one of the kids paper mats they gave them to draw on at the restaurant. 

Got the general idea? ... Hope so!

Moving on... 
Multi-Journal so far...

Inside of Front Cover:
My 2015 Word for the Year is SHINE
Printed off the dictionary definitions, pasting them in and starting to play... highlighting, circling, squaring, underlining... Also covered one definition: Nasty use of the word as a racial slur-slang wise... DO NOT need that kinda negative sh-tuff 1st page in, Nope-Nope! Shimmer and Sparkle Tape to the rescue, lol. Plan to add more journaling as things develop with The WORD over the year.
Included the photo I took for 1st Hone Life prompt: FRESH after playing with it a bit on . Under that added quick high-lights of 2014 and General Goals for 2015.

Week 1 Spread:
Days -FULL UP! 
General spread done using prompts from Journal 52, TDLP and P and C.
Pasted in dictionary book pages, covered in water and Gesso, picked word out here and there from the pages, highlighted and outlined... Then used them to create Journaling on Goal Setting and HAPPY. 2015 Pathway leading to 2015 Word: SHINE. 
Lots and Lots of writing! Then the Sharpie Factory puked on my page.
'Cause one of my happy-ies is of course... COLOR and LOTS of it. 

EVENTS Spread:
Rescued this yummy Clock covered wrapping paper from one of #2 son's berf-day presents. Too perrrrty to waste. Pasted it in with no plans... a day later *bing* I knew! 
Added blank papers, inked for more pretty, to record BIG events as they happen -Big Whoo-Hoo!'s, Weddings, MAJOR world happenings... and the like.  That way at the end there will be an easy at-a-glance LIST of things that happened in 2015 and when they happened. 

Inside Back Cover:
Pasted in an at-a-glance Full Moon chart from 'cause here at Days End they are VERY important. *grin* 
There is also a big Pocket there that will need to be decorated... as I said WIP. 

...aaaand that's it ... So Far!
Much, Much more to come.