Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week 3: Multi-Journal (January 12 - 18th)

Up and Down and all over health wise so this is a few days later than I planned to post... 
Plans... meh! 

Week 3 started off with feeling off and moved quickly into %$#@* My Ear Hurts!
Combined Ear, Jaw and Sinus infection for the Hat-Trick. 
er... or 3 strikes-yer-out. Laws, I do so dislike sports. 

On the across from week page combined:
 -JOY from Paint & Chronicle
-COLOR WHEEL from The Documented Life Project
-BEAUTY from Hone Life 
Started by using a piece of leftover paint smear sheet. 
KNEW I was saving this one for something good... *grin*
Then write-write-write... 

Used a good amount of 'bits' for the week too:
-rubber stamp
 -iPhone note pad sheet
-tape ripped off a new printer cartridge
-piece of a greeting card
-more smear sheet (ink and spray one)
-magazine snips
-AVON catalog snip
-another piece of the paint sheet
HUZZAH for junk-journaling! 

Just inside after my Word of the Year and Goal pages I did another spread. 
Using the Conversation Starters prompt from Journal 52...
Greg and I were talking about changes and all that's happened in the past year, this led me to have a good look at my journal from last year. I had written down my weight before we started the Vegan, falling to Vegetarian change and some new meds to help with my Kidney Issues. I'm much less now... I wish I'd done a photo. ah-ha!!! This year I CAN. I took a photo Jan 4th so I've added it and a space to do some writing at the end of the year... AND a space to add a picture at the END of the year. Brilliant! So pleased. 
Page background is scrapbook paper, spray, paint and stencils. 

Quick updates are now starting to fill the Timeline Pages...
Art, Sketchbook Project and Soul Flow. 

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