Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 4: Multi-Journal (January 19 - 25th)

Week 4. Posting late... yeah-yeah... 
My blog -I- post when I wanna...

I've been busy and tired, busy then tired... an unending cycle the past few weeks. 
Week 5 is done too, I'll post separately... later. *grin*

Another great week for using snips that were lying around:
-Starbucks cup wraps
-Shopping Receipts
-Paper leftovers
-Overspray sheets
-Washi Tape
-Greeting card bits

Got my #MondayMugshots in for the past 2 weeks
-->  Check that out HERE!
So that got the A Steamy Shower in a Frosty Bathroom prompt from #MondayMugshots in.
Used the Silhouettes prompt from Journal 52, rub-ons over an over spray sheet scrap. 
Journaled on SHINE for Paint and Chronicle.
Playing with the Script (Writing) and still using the COLOR prompt from last week for The Documented Life Project.
I did cover the FREEDOM HoneLife prompt, but in another journal in it was pretty private sh-tuff regarding the abuses from Marriage #1. No share-y. 

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